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Christian Crusader Templar Knight Embroidered Patches

Templar Knight Christian Crusader patches

Check out all the different Christian Crusader Knight patches!

Hi everyone. It’s the middle of the summer season, which means slow sales around here. Everyone is out on vacation and doing fun stuff. I’m thinking of going on vacation myself if my checkbook allows it!

I have recently added some cool Christian patches, like the blue Templar Knight patch above. It comes in a large back size as well as a small size. Besides the blue one I have 2 others exactly the same in red and a silver color.

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Christian Red and White Crusader Knight Patch

christian crusader patch

Click here to check out the latest Christian Crusader patch today!!!

Good Afternoon ladies and gentleman, Hope everyone is having a swell day and is enjoying the middle of the week. Everything is going pretty well here and we are half way done with the day and the work week!!! I will be out of the office tomorrow and I figured that I would showcase another great patch for you all today. This authentic patch is what we call a Christian Crusader Knight, so if you like knights, maybe with some medieval flair this patch will be just for you.

This patch has a lot of details and tons of bold colors. He seems to be holding a sword and a shield with a red cross while kneeling down behind it it also looks like he is bowing down to it at the same time. The armor he has is very beautiful and astonishing in detail with its silver tones makes it look very shiny to the eye. It is very nicely put together in a courageous and medieval style, a very strong and classy piece. Continue reading Christian Red and White Crusader Knight Patch