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Motorcycle Biker Rocker Patches Added

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See all our biker rocker patches here!

I’m happy to announce that I just added a new patch category! I finally added enough motorcycle biker rocker patches to make a complete category for them. But these are not the same common rocker patches you find at most patch shops.

Yes you can find the tried and true “Independent”, “Live to ride” and other popular rocker patches. But I have a lot of very unique, one of a kind rockers you have never see before. Many of them are lady rockers, as the babes normally never get their fair share of cool rocker patches to use.

Now in case you don’t know, rocker patches are those “half moon” looking patches that go at the top or bottom of a main patch. You can use a top rocker patch all by itself also, but often they are paired with a center patch for the back of a jacket or vest.

A rocker patch often has the name of a motorcycle club or gang on it, as well as the colors of the club. Branches of the military are also common, like “US Marines” on a rocker patch over a patriotic main center patch. Or a state name, Veteran, country and so on.

Some of the unique ones I have and will be adding are funny, sexy and very cool! Like “Bad Girl” with red lips, “Queen” with a crown with real rhinestones, “Lady Rider” with flourishes, reflective ones and more.

I also have some nice 2nd amendment gun rights rocker patches, like a pair that has rifles crossed on them, a gold and brown set that matches my popular 2nd amendment with eagle large patch and others like that.

At the time I’m writing this I only have 24 or so but I’ve got a lot more, a good 50 or so in fact just waiting. It takes a lot of time for me to take pics of them all, crop them in my photo software and add a full listing. But I’m working on it!

I even have some cool kids motorcycle biker rocker patches; I have one listed now. So check out the link above and see the rocker patches I’ve added. I’ll add more each week. I’m sure you’ll see unique rocker patches you’ve never seen before. 🙂