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Mix Of New Biker Patches Just Added

It’s almost April, the start of spring and,,,,taxes due,,,ugh. I was able to add some new biker patches the other day. I’ve been very busy with other work I do, something always goes wrong of course.

But I managed to list 6 new patches in the last few days. A nice mix of them too. The Lone Wolf patch looks very nice, has a brown wolf howling at the moon, three feathers hanging down and LONE WOLF at the top. Comes in two sizes.

The Rebel cowboy skeleton patch is for you Confederate South types. You can’t buy rebel flag design patches anymore on lots of sites but I’ll always sell them on here. The rebel cowboy skeleton guy points a shotgun right at you, comes in two sizes as most patches I have do.

Next is a very cool American Legend Hog biker patch. Has the American flag mirrored at the top, a mean looking wild hog with big tusk looking at ya and “AMERICAN LEGEND HOG” at the top. Comes in two sizes, surprise!
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