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Lips With Rose Lady Rider Angel Wings Biker Patch

lady rider lips and rose biker patch

Check out the latest Lady Rider biker patch today!! 

Good morning everyone how was everyone’s weekend? I hope fantastic, mine was! But it is now Monday and it is time to get back to the grind and work hard this week. Again just want to let everyone know we are continuously still getting more merchandise here for the new year and new events coming up. We are finally getting our items in for Daytona Bike Week sometime this week, so we will be starting to sell those lovely T-shirts everyone has been waiting for. Continue reading Lips With Rose Lady Rider Angel Wings Biker Patch

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Lady Rider Chain Engine Embroidered Biker Patch

lady rider chain engine biker patchClick here to see the newest Lady Rider patch today!! 

Hello everyone and good morning on this lovely Monday, hope that everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl weekend and festivities. I know that I did, unfortunately the game did not go in our favor but hey always next season. With that being said congrats to Philadelphia and their win and on to improving even more in the off season. Anyways, today starts off a new week with new things here at Quality Biker Patches.

Our new inventory is rolling in and everything is looking up in the right direction so far for 2018 and that is a plus for us. So I would love to take a little time here this morning and showcase another unique and interesting ladies patch we just got in. For all my lady riders this one is a beauty and will definitely show off your motorcycle pride with this eye catchy design. If you are into sporting around a feminine but edgy patch this one may be for you. Continue reading Lady Rider Chain Engine Embroidered Biker Patch

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Happy Holidays from Quality Biker Patches!!

Support our troops biker patch

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Hey good morning everyone, hope everyone is dong well. It is another great day and good start to the work week here at Quality Biker Patches! All is in full swing again for the holidays and boy isn’t it starting to feel like it, really cool out the last few days even here in Florida!!

We all can’t wait for Christmas to be upon us so we are hoping everyone is enjoying their holiday season so far. I am totally in the spirit and almost have most of my shopping done. Now I want to help all of you find what you are looking for this season! Continue reading Happy Holidays from Quality Biker Patches!!

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Ladies She-Wolf No Club With Roses Biker Patch

she wolf no club biker patch

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Good morning everyone! How is everyone doing on this fine day? I know I am doing great getting the day underway with some work and checking things out around the office. Best way to start the day going through all these patches with a cup of coffee! Anyways, I have another great patch for all of you to showcase today. This one is an older yet new patch as you can see above it is another beauty. There is just something about this patch that is very feminine and elegant almost gives me the tribal feel the way the design is put together.

So are you into wolves? Or interesting shape patches with very intricate designs? Then this patch might just be for you! To all my ladies out there this patch will fit all things feminine. I personally love the shape of the patch, the heart-shaped look definitely adds that girly detail. This patch is very vibrant and has lots of detail. The she-wolf has the more tribal look to the eye and the stem and roses adds more to the elegance. It also features the words “No Club-No Rules-Just Ride” in the upper left hand part of the heart and of course the word “She Wolf” towards the bottom. Continue reading Ladies She-Wolf No Club With Roses Biker Patch

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Ladies Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Eagle with Ribbon Biker Patch

pink ribbon eagle patch

Click here to check out our new ladies breast cancer awareness patch today!!!

Hey everyone how are you all doing this awesome solar eclipse Monday??? I am doing OK here got a small glimpse of the eclipse which was pretty cool but hard to see here in Florida with our stormy afternoons in the summer!!! But wow did the temperature drop and it was definitely not anything that I have ever experience in my entire life!!! Continue reading Ladies Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Eagle with Ribbon Biker Patch