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Last Day For Black Friday Weekend Sales!

cyber monday sale

Good Monday afternoon everyone how are all of you doing this cool day after the holiday weekend. We hope that all of you had a great Thanksgiving day that was spent with family and friends getting into the holiday spirit of things. Don’t know how many of you been shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.  Continue reading Last Day For Black Friday Weekend Sales!

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Upcoming Biker Jewelry!!!!

newer biker jewelry

Hey guys how is everyone’s Friday going so far? I hope all of you are doing great and that all of you are about to leave the office and enjoy some fun this weekend! I know that I am about to wrap things here at the desk. I just wanted to stop in and give you all a sneak peak on what is in store for us soon!!!

As you can see above we have some really cool new biker rings I would love to showcase for you. These are very vibrant and shiny, and a little bling bling too I may add. I think that these are completely gorgeous and breathtaking to the eye. Don’t worry this is just a small portion that will be added to our collection! I know you want to see more!! Continue reading Upcoming Biker Jewelry!!!!

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Just Listed New Biker Chain Bracelets for Men and Women!

motorcycle bracelet jewelry

Hello guys this is biker babe, I am the new writer here for Quality Biker Patches. I wanted to tell you about the new motorcycle bracelets we got in this week. We have all different types for everyone who is into jewelry and being trendy while they ride!! They are quite gorgeous and is definitely pretty catchy for the new year, so you should add them to your collection!!!

These biker bracelets are all stainless steel and made out of the best grade of steel which is 316 L. These types of steel are actually the same as in any type of surgical or medical equipment, they also are very hypoallergenic. So there is no need to worry if you had any allergy to any jewelry in the past!!! They definitely will not rust or turn color.

Continue reading Just Listed New Biker Chain Bracelets for Men and Women!