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White Tiger With Flowers Sakura Hanami Biker Patch

white tiger with flowers  Click here to check out the newest white tiger patch now!!  

Good morning everyone, how is everyone doing this beautiful Wednesday? We are doing quite well as we are approaching the holiday season and the end of the week a lot has been starting to pick up. So as time progresses and the holidays get closer we are in the process of getting more and more products in!

I have a very unique and interesting new patch to display for you this morning and it is something that the ladies may enjoy a little more than the men. It is an authentic, very detailed looking white tiger patch that definitely comes across with a don’t mess with me vibe with the expression on this tigers face, everyone watch out! This design absolutely sets that bad-ass tone and gives it the elegant look with the flowers in the background.

So do you like tigers? Or are a fan of the wild and the great outdoors? Then this patch may be something you ladies want to add to your awesome stylist biker collection. I think that most of the women out there would enjoy having this design in their wardrobe because it makes any piece just come alive. It also brings out that tough but feminine look all at the same time so you can not go wrong with this one! Continue reading White Tiger With Flowers Sakura Hanami Biker Patch

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Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful Lady Rider Biker Patch

Be your own kind of beautiful lady rider patch

See this beautiful ladies patch here!

One of my most popular ladies embroidered patches is the one above. I think it’s because it has a very inspirational message. Basically it’s saying you should strive to be the most beautiful person you already are, not what everyone else says you should be.

It’s a message about embracing your unique, one of a kind beauty that is you. The pink butterfly reinforces that message, as we know butterflies evolve from a caterpillar into a beautiful creature. So this patch is for every girl, reminding her that we all have our own beauty nobody else has nor can take away.

The patch has a white background. Then in black text is the words “Be your own kind of beautiful” with the word Beautiful in pretty cursive style. In the upper right is pink flowers and a butterfly. The patch is cut to trace the text and butterfly, making it unique in itself.

This great lady rider patch is 4 inches wide by 2 inches high. It has embroidered edges like all of my patches, perfect for sewing on or you can iron it on with the special glue backing it has. It’s perfect for any girl, young or old, kids or adult.

The small size makes it popular to put on backpacks, purses, luggage, clothes as well as jackets and vest. I also have another patch with the same message in a yellow color.

So click on the image above and check out this pretty ladies patch. This Be your own kind of beautiful with pink flowers and butterfly lady biker patch says so much in such a small patch, plus it’s beautiful looking besides. 🙂