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Death Before Dishonor Skull Wings Swords Embroidered Biker Patch

Skull and swords biker patch

See this cool skull, wings and swords biker patch right here!

Do you have strong personal beliefs? Want to make a difference in this world? Then you’ll love our new skull patch! It features a marvelous skull with wings and three swords, with “Death before Dishonor” below it. Adding this motorcycle patch to your jacket or vest is the perfect way to express your beliefs and let your personality shine through.

This skull patch can compliment any punk, gothic, or steam punk outfit as well as wearing as a normal biker patch. It features a unique design and intricate details that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s the perfect choice for all dudes out there. This beautiful “Death before dishonor” patch comes in two sizes, just like other biker batches on my site. The large ones are 12 inches wide by 12 inches high, while the medium ones are 5 inches wide by 5 inches high.

The design is unusual and looks really cool. The skull boasts two big wings attached as if it’s ready to fly. Three swords go through it, making it look very scary. Personally, I absolutely love the colors. This fabulous skull patch features shades of grey, silver, and dark red, so it goes well with most outfits. You can sew or iron it on denim biker jackets, leather riding jackets, leather vests, and much more.
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2nd Amendment Rights Skeleton Motorcycle Biker Patch

motorcycle skeleton biker patch

See this great looking 2nd amendment biker patch here!

Sorry I have not made a post lately, been very busy with work! Right now I’m on a vacation, visiting family in Vermont where I’m originally from. I’ll be back on the 25th.

Anyways today I wanted to tell you about a cool 2nd amendment rights motorcycle patch I have. It has a round design but with a motorcycle busting out of it down below.

Around the top part of the circle is the words “MY RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” in white letters. Then below it is a skeleton biker dude riding a motorcycle.
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Mix Of New Biker Patches Just Added

It’s almost April, the start of spring and,,,,taxes due,,,ugh. I was able to add some new biker patches the other day. I’ve been very busy with other work I do, something always goes wrong of course.

But I managed to list 6 new patches in the last few days. A nice mix of them too. The Lone Wolf patch looks very nice, has a brown wolf howling at the moon, three feathers hanging down and LONE WOLF at the top. Comes in two sizes.

The Rebel cowboy skeleton patch is for you Confederate South types. You can’t buy rebel flag design patches anymore on lots of sites but I’ll always sell them on here. The rebel cowboy skeleton guy points a shotgun right at you, comes in two sizes as most patches I have do.

Next is a very cool American Legend Hog biker patch. Has the American flag mirrored at the top, a mean looking wild hog with big tusk looking at ya and “AMERICAN LEGEND HOG” at the top. Comes in two sizes, surprise!
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Patriotic Independent American Flag Motorcycle Biker Patch

American flag biker patch

Check out this great patriotic Independent biker patch now!

It’s not often I get brand new biker patches that you can’t find anywhere else online yet, but today I have one, and it looks great! This is a nice classic, patriotic American type of patch many will be proud to wear.

It has a red brick wall in the background with a faded, painted on looking American flag. In front of that is a brown classic motorcycle. Then above it all on a banner is the word INDEPENDENT in nice two tone colors.

It’s simple but very classic; it reminds me of a small old town anywhere in the USA, a guy riding his motorcycle down a dirt road out for an afternoon ride. The word Independent showing he’s on his own, no club, just him and his motorcycle.
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Aces And Eights Dead Mans Hand Biker Patch

Aces and eights dead mans hand biker patch

See this cool dead mans hand biker patch here!

Today I wanted to showcase a cool biker patch that I personally love. It looks much better in person, the picture really does not do it justice. This biker patch is a version of the old “aces and eights dead mans hand” style.

In case you did not know what the story is behind this famous playing card hand and why it’s called dead mans hand, I’ll tell you. Legend has it that when old West folk hero, lawman and gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down he was playing a game of poker. The hand he was holding when he was killed was a two-pair poker hand consisting of the black aces and black eights.

So that’s why this poker hand is called a dead mans hand. This patch has a cool playing card hand at the top that consist of the black aces and eights pairs with a bullet hole in one of the aces. Below in the center is a cowboy skull wearing a cowboy hat; I assume that is suppose to be Wild Bill Hickok.

Framing the skull is a pair of revolver six shooters with smoke raising from them. Then at the bottom is a old time banner with the words DEAD MAN’S HAND in red and black. The gun smoke and flourishes are a nice gold color while the cards, hair on the skull and guns are a cool silver and gray color.

It really looks great, much better than the pictures show. The large size is huge; 12 inches wide by 13.5 inches high. It really covers the back of your jacket or vest. The medium size is 5 inches by 5.25 inches high. It’s high quality and thick and can be sewn or ironed on.

So if you like a cowboy themed type of patch you’ll like this one. The aces and eights dead man’s hand biker patch is one of the best looking patches you can own, make sure you check it out!

Aces and eights dead mans hand biker patch

See this cool dead mans hand biker patch here!