Military Heroes Memorial Patriotic Biker Patch Wall Clock



A real wall clock made from our quality embroidered biker patches! I attach a very lightweight rigid backing to the patch, then assemble a clock to the center. Has the hour, minute and second hands. This one has patriotic seals of all branches of the US military, and the fallen heroes, boot, rifle and helmet symbol. It has an American flag background, the top says, “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, DEFENDING AMERICAN FREEDOM” and along the bottom it says, “HONOR THOSE WHO NEVER RETURNED, IN MEMORY OF OUR FALLEN HEROES.” It is a very beautiful patch with lots of detail, 12 inches wide.

Each clock is fully assembled. Simply insert 1 size AA battery in the back (NOT included), set the hands and hang on the wall using the included hanger I have attached. The whole clock is very lightweight so you can use only a thumb tack if desired. It sticks out from the wall a bit, giving it a nice 3D look. I make these clocks myself so they are made in the USA. Get one today, you can’t find them anywhere else! FREE SHIPPING inside the USA!

Additional information

Weight 1.0 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 in


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