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Patriotic Subdued Grey American Western Sheriff Patch

patriotic western sheriff patch

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Hey everyone it is not always that I get an incredible new biker patch that you hardly see to signify western hospitality, but today I have one I wanted to showcase for you, as you can see above it is a Patriotic Western Sheriff that don’t tolerate much!!! This design is very authentic and has a lot of characteristics to him!!!

This patch has many details from the sheriff’s hat with star to the bandanna symbolizing the red, white and blue for our country that he is wearing around his face. Behind the bandanna it gives mystery to the face that we can’t really see and eyes that can tell different stories. All wrapped up in this subdued grey color gives it that extra in depth attributes to this patch.  

It is a very classic design it kind of makes me think of our western states and what you can see around those towns. This guy seems to be one of those bad-ass western sheriffs who wears a pair of cowboy boots walking along those dusty dirt roads looking for bad guys in a country style. This patch comes in two different sizes. The large patch measures 9 inches wide by 12.5 inches high, and will look great on the back of any biker jacket or vest.

The smaller size patch for this design measures is 3.5 inches wide by 5 inches high. Fits well on the front of a denim shirt of jacket, or any other miscellaneous item like a hat or anything else you can think of would look great. Overall this subdued grey color will look great on pretty much anything that will make it stand out.

It is a great unique patch and absolutely hard to find anywhere else for this type of style. So if you are interested in an unique, Patriotic Western sheriff  biker patch you will be glad to check it out here today!!! YOU can’t go wrong!!! 🙂 🙂

patriotic western sheriff

Check out this Patriotic Western Sheriff now!!!