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Our New Biker Patch Wall Clocks

Real embroidered biker wall clock

Click here for the latest Fallen Heroes Biker Wall Clock today!! 

Good morning everyone and happy Friday!! Hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday season so far, and that you all are getting all of your shopping done. I am pretty much done myself doing a little last minute shopping tonight so I can actually start wrapping! Speaking of all this holiday madness and shopping we have more that we added on the site and I would love to showcase for you today, so if you been looking for something a little more unique we got you covered!

So are you still looking for something for that special biker in your life ? Then you may want to check out our latest new biker patch wall clocks. We added a new category and started making these awesome new clocks, and boy do they look absolutely fabulous! These awesome clocks are made from our beautiful embroidered patches and are very lightweight powered by a mechanism that holds a AA battery that is (NOT included).  Also, if you see a different patch that you want to have made into a clock and you do not see it in our clock category you can send us an email too.

This patriotic Fallen heroes biker patch wall clock seen above is very stunning. Full of detail and the design really catches your eye! Our biker patch clocks also come is several different styles and sizes, so feel free to go ahead and check them out. You will not find these anywhere else and you will absolutely enjoy investing in these while they last! So get yours today and also don’t forget if you are also still looking for stocking stuffer ideas please check out all of our small patches, there is always something for everyone!