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Latest On Rocker patches!!!

Some of the biggest items that set my site apart from the rest of many biker patch websites around is the very unique patches you can find including rocker patches for all of you that may know about these patches. We try to keep our inventory of these different style patches you can’t find in most places. These rocker patches come in all styles from military to firefighter and so much more.

I’m very happy to showcase some of our rocker patches here today. This one above is a set that includes a POW-MIA military design on them. I think that it is a really cool set. Most of my bikers would love having this on any vest or jacket. Looks very stunning in detail but still simple in black and white.

It says “All Gave Some Some Gave All” in a white bold color. These rocker patches can be worn by men and women. It will look good wearing this patch. Once again it looks great alone on the top back of a jacket or vest which I think completes the look.

What is nice is that you have a rocker patch that you can put at the top and bottom of any military design and or POW-MIA design. Here above you can see how they would look together, just imagine a design in the middle of both how it would stand out.

The other different style I pulled is a firefighter style top rocker patch has many bold red and orange colors with the word “Firefighter” in the middle with the emblem off to the left hand side. Quality Biker Patches is very proud to have these types of patches in our inventory and there are very popular yet again in the military biker families.

The top patch above measures 12.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches high, just right size for both men and women and also the right size for over most large main patches. You can also use it on backpacks, tote bags, or any other miscellaneous items you may want to put these on. The firefighter patch measures 12 inches wide by 3.5 high.

So go ahead and check these out we also have others in stock!! Go ahead and click on the links at the bottom of this post!!! Happy Shopping from all of us at Quality Biker Patches!!