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Ladies Pink, Blue And Purple Sparkling Stones Butterfly Biker Patch

ladies pink and blue butterfly patch

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Hello and good Monday morning to everyone! Hope that all of you had a great weekend, I definitely did finally caught some beach weather and less rain! But, now it is the beginning of a new work week and as I am going through new items this morning, I found a beautiful new patch. Today I want to showcase a new ladies patch, it is absolutely stunning and as you can see quite colorful and vibrant.

If you are a butterfly lover, or like this type of creature and enjoy nature than this patch might be what you are looking for. Aside from this vibrant colors and variety of details this beautiful ladies  embroidered biker patches also has sparkling stones added to each wing.

This patch also has a very elegant touch and is very eye catchy, it definitely draws in that girly vibe. I personally think that most of my lady riders would enjoy sporting this type of patch proudly around. With such elegance and feminist characteristics, why wouldn’t you want something like this added to your own personal biker wardrobe?

The butterfly patch comes in two different sizes and looks great in each size. The larger size patch measures 10 inches wide by 9 inches high and would look its best on the back of any biker jacket, vest or denim, twill biker shirt you may own. Also, the smaller size patch measures 4.25 inches wide by 3.75 inches high and you can either put it on any miscellaneous biker item you have from caps, totes, purses, suitcases or on the front of any biker shirt.

All of the patches here at Quality Biker Patches can either be ironed on or sewn on it is up to you and what you desire. Our biker patches come with a very durable and heavy twill backing that is made to last and take on the worst conditions. These patches have been know to be able to stay in tip top shape and not be damaged. So if you are interested in this elegant ladies butterfly patch then go ahead and check it out today!

pink and blue butterfly biker patch

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