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Happy 4th of July from Quality Biker Patches!

Happy 4th of July from Quality Biker Patches

Hi everyone, Bill here from Quality Biker Patches. It’s been a long time since I posted here as now I let Kerry, aka Biker Babe write all my articles. I hope you like how she writes, I think she does a great job.

Anyways I wanted to wish you all a happy 4th of July holiday from me and Kerry here at Quality Biker Patches. We have a lot of great, unique patriotic patches I’m sure you would be proud to wear, especially the ones in the Patriotic Biker Patches category.

We now have a lot of patriotic biker tee shirts and denim biker shirts too, so be sure to check those out. I hope you make it a safe holiday, those fireworks can put a mean burn in your arm or face!

Down here in Florida you can buy them anywhere so a lot of folks will be setting them off. I live next to a lake so all I’m going to do is sit down out back at night and watch everyone else shoot off the fireworks over the water.

Disney should have some great firework shows, but no way am I going to go anywhere near there during the holidays. Too many people and hours long drives after. No thank you. :p

I’ve been working hard on my leather jacket and apparel site, Leather Supreme. If your looking for some great leather jackets, vest and many other biker items be sure to check it out.

Anyways once again, from Kerry and I here at Quality Biker Patches we wish you a great 4th of July holiday. Be safe and have fun! 🙂