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Billiards Skull With Top Hat Embroidered Biker Patch

billiard skull wearing top hat

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Good morning everyone, how is everyone doing this fine Friday ? Hope all is well, I am sitting here enjoying the morning with some music in the office looking around at all of our newer products. It is nice to see the newer stuff come in as the year goes on. With that being said, I can not believe we are almost to the end of the month here as April almost comes to a close! There are a lot more things coming up here within the next month and the summer as well so we will keep you all up to speed.

Right now I would like to take the time and showcase this amazing new patch as you can see up above. Do you like skulls? Or are you one of the people that I know that like to go out to the coolest billiard spots and shoot some pool? Well I got the patch for you! This guy is very unique and has that bad-ass attitude for hustling around the pool table. Our friend here has great details and is wearing this interesting looking top hat and he has his pool sticks ready to go!

This particular patch comes in two size like most of our patches here at Quality Biker Patches. The bigger patch measures 10 inches wide by 11 inches high and would look stunning on the back of any leather biker jacket, denim jacket, denim vest or anything you want to show off!  I am more than certain you will be turning heads with this authentic patch as you go to any biker event or simply just riding around town.

The smaller patch that we have measures only 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high. This patch would look great on any miscellaneous item you can think of. From tote bags, purses, suitcases, backpacks, hats and of course on the front of any biker jacket or vest. These patches can be either ironed on or sewn on it is completely up to you and your preference!

All of our inventory here at Quality Biker Patches are top notch quality and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our patches have a very tough and durable heavy twill backing that will never be damaged. These particular patches are known to take any of the worse conditions you can imagine and never be ruined! All of these lovely patches have so many intricate details and vibrant colors that it brings out the best in any biker ensemble!

Also, I just wanted to briefly mention something that is coming up next week here in central Florida. We have another Bike fest coming up and I know that all of the locals would definitely be interested. However, it is not as big as Daytona Bike Week, but Leesburg Bikefest is going on from Friday April 27, 2018 to Sunday April 29, 2018 and it will include all of the basic biker events from music, bars, contest, and bike rallies. You can find out more information on the website here  hope you all have fun and be safe!

So again if you are interested in the patch that I have showcased to you go ahead and check it out. You will definitely enjoy this beauty, most of these are once in a lifetime pieces so you will be glad you add this one to your biker collection. Happy Shopping!

billiards skull wearing top hat biker patch

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