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Upcoming Biker Jewelry!!!!

newer biker jewelry

Hey guys how is everyone’s Friday going so far? I hope all of you are doing great and that all of you are about to leave the office and enjoy some fun this weekend! I know that I am about to wrap things here at the desk. I just wanted to stop in and give you all a sneak peak on what is in store for us soon!!!

As you can see above we have some really cool new biker rings I would love to showcase for you. These are very vibrant and shiny, and a little bling bling too I may add. I think that these are completely gorgeous and breathtaking to the eye. Don’t worry this is just a small portion that will be added to our collection! I know you want to see more!!

As you know we already have a small variety of men’s and ladies’ biker chain bracelets that you have probably browsed by while you were shopping in the past. Well we want to expand our jewelry selection to all of you out there wanting  more of an assortment to your biker jewelry wardrobe.

So keep checking back to see our new styles everything from bracelets, rings, earrings and even body jewelry!!! And of course we will have multiple sizes to chose from both in men’s and women’s.!!! Hopefully you will be seeing this soon and I will definitely be making an announcement as soon as I get them in!!! Happy Shopping 🙂