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The Newest Ladies Patches from Quality Patches!!!

ladies sisterhood biker patch

Check out this newest ladies Sisterhood biker patch now!!!

Hey everyone been a long time I been on here to write to you. I actually have been out of the office and was on my own little mini vacation up north and spending it with friends and family! Definitely nice to do every now and then despite the cooler weather!!! Anyways, I wanted to showcase the latest biker patches we have just received since I have been away.

As you can see above these patches are all are ladies biker patches and full of pink color. They are very feminine and vibrant to the eye, very catchy. These patches are full of girl power and definitely great for all the ladies out there who want to show it off!!! This one in particular is all about sisterhood and the meaning of that female community. It comes in one size which measures 4 inches wide by 1.25 inches high. Great for any miscellaneous bag, backpack, or travel tote. 

pussy pink patch

Click here for this ladies funny sayings I got the pussy patch today!!! 

This is another one that we have just got in and boy this one is personally one of my favorites!!! It is definitely very popular funny saying for the women out there and also strong on that pink color again. It absolutely speaks loud volumes to those women out there who feel very strongly about this.

I think it would be comical to wear this around  the male population, wondering who really does wear those pants in the family!!! Ladies? So wear this proudly around your spouse and enjoy!!! 🙂 This patch also comes in that one size 4 inches wide by 1.25 inches high for any miscellaneous item you wish to put it on!

bootyful ladies patch

Click here for the latest bootyful ladies biker patch now!!! 

Here is the last one I see here around the office with all of the female spirit around!!! This patch again has a lot of vibrant pink color and has a cute saying on it “bootyful” well every woman is beautiful in their own way I believe! So if you got it you might as well flaunt it being “bootyful.”

Again like the other two ladies patches here this one comes in the same size that measures 4 inches wide by 1.5 inches high so you definitely can use it any way that you would prefer. So if you all are interested in any of these new ladies patches go ahead and check them out and feel free to sport these around with pride!!!