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The Newest Animal Patches!!!

orange baron tiger biker patch  Click here to see the newest orange baron tiger biker patch today !!! 

Good morning everyone, hope that everyone is enjoying the lovely middle of the work week. I know I am, even though it is still early I am looking forward to my personal day off tomorrow and Friday. Friday, we will be attending Daytona Beach Bike Week and it is going to be my second year in a row going, so I have lots to look forward to this week. Before I get to all that though there are still a lot of things taking place here at the office from new patches to Bike Week merchandise and so much more so don’t forget to be placing those orders as soon as possible!!!

Today, however I have some really cool new animal patches I would like to display for you. If you are a lover of animals, or animals that are in the wild these may interest you. Or are you simply a lover of the great outdoors and nature then something like this fierce tiger above may be a good fit and these types of animal patches may be right for you! This particular tiger is quite different and has a piercing look to him, with lots of details throughout.

Another one of my latest animal patches I have for you today is this beautiful looking silver lion patch with a fierce look to him as well. This patch has a lot of intricate details from the tribal design with the flames around it. The expression on his face is very powerful as he shows his teeth and his rage so you may not want to mess with this guy! Very beautifully put together piece for the absolute lion lover in you!

tribal silver lion and flames

Click here to check out the newest tribal lion patch now !! 

Both of these authentic patches comes in only one size. The fierce looking tiger patch measures only 3.75 inches wide by 4 inches high and the cool looking tribal lion patch measures around 4 inches wide by 4 inches high. Each of these patches would look just about great on any miscellaneous item you can think of.

Each of these patches would look absolutely stunning and bad ass on the front of any really cool hat or on the front left chest of any biker vest or denim jacket. You can also put them on any type of biker bag or tote you may have in your biker wardrobe! The options are quite endless, it is just up to you and your preference on what you would like to show them off on!

Our selection of patches here at Quality Biker Patches are absolutely top notch and will last you a lifetime. Our patches consist of a durable, heavy twill backing that will never be damaged no matter what the circumstances are !! These particular patches can also be ironed on or sewn on all depending on your preference and what you feel most comfortable with!!!

So If you are interested in what I have showcased for you today, then go ahead and check them out, you will be happy you did! Also don’t forget to be looking for us Friday at Bike Week in Daytona Beach and continue to shop here for all of our 2018 bike week apparel, Happy Shopping and hope to see you there!