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The Newest Animal Embroidered Biker Patches!!!


reddish brown buffalo patch

Click here to check out the latest buffalo patch today!!!

Hey everyone how is everyone’s Tuesday going? Hope well, I am here at the office trying to wrap things up and get on out of here!! It has been a busy day here and accumulating so much more stuff for all of our customers out there!! So hope everyone is excited for that and all, I am here to go ahead and showcase a couple new patches!!!

So do you love animals? Animals that live out in the wild? Or do you find yourself admiring something like this cool looking buffalo patch here I have shown above. He is quite different in his own style. Definitely has his own style and intricate details all wrapped up in this reddish brown color, looks as if his head is tilted down slightly and he has that one white horn on the top of his head.

The next patch I have here to show you is this great looking crawling white tiger patch. So if you are not into buffaloes than this one will be the right patch for you.  It has lots of details throughout from his facial expressions to the stripes on the body to the claws. Very intricate as well and nice bold colors. This guy looks as if he wants to jump onto his prey or simply just casually creepy up on something!!!crawling white tiger

Check out this new white tiger patch now!!!

Each of these genuine patches comes in only one size. The buffalo patch measures 2.5 inches wide by 3 inches high and the tiger patch measures 1.5 inches wide by 4 inches high. Each patch will look absolutely stunning on any miscellaneous item you can think of. You can be showing them off on a really cool hat or the front of any vest or jacket to any fashionable biker bag you want to carry!!!

The inventory at Quality Biker Patches is top notch and can last you a lifetime. These patches have a very heavy twill backing that will not get damaged no matter what you are out doing!! All of our authentic patches can either be ironed on or sewed on depending on your preference!!! So If you are interested in what you see, go ahead and check it out today, you will be glad that you did!!!

Lastly, I want to give everyone a heads up and let you know that in the next week or so the website is going to be updated and you will be noticing new changes!!! It will definitely be better and easier navigation throughout the site and we are hoping that it will look a lot better. We are so happy for that and we will keep you posted on when it is completely updated so until then happy shopping!!!