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The Aftermath of Hurricane Irma 2017!!!

Hurricane Irma 2017

Hey everyone I hope that everyone is doing well and none of our customers were affected by Hurricane Irma. As you all know our business is based out of Orlando Florida and it has been a rough couple of days. We are finally up and trying to run normally this morning and working passed this. As you can see I just wanted to stop in and show you some really interesting pictures from the storm.

This hurricane was no joke but no surprise here to people that live in central Florida, Irma was a strong category 2 hurricane when it made its landfall in our community. Irma’s only task was to take out everything in its path, and she sure did try. As you can see above this is a lake right behind a neighbors house and there is a huge tree down with two canoes just tossed around in the aftermath of this storm. Definitely really bizarre and surreal to see as everything was just in tact a couple days ago.

Irma 2017

When such a big storm comes through like this anything can happen. I personally had power go out around 2 o’clock in the morning Monday and did not resume until midday yesterday. It was really hot with no air conditioning for Florida and just makes it really hard to live your day to day life. I have had friends even leave town prior to the storm because they just thought it would be a better idea. I also have family staying in a hotel currently because they are still without power and can’t go back to their homes due to damage.



hurricane Irma 2017

Out of storms I have experienced this one was the worst, however it was such a time of bonding with family and friends and being together that help get us through. As I walked around the streets and took pictures Monday morning I saw a lot of people helping others out and that is what it is all about. There is still lots of cleaning up left to do and it might take months but as long as we are all safe that is what really matters.

The pictures here just tell there own story, and as everything goes back to somewhat normal all I can be proud of is that we have survived another big storm!!! So if you know anyone who is left less fortunate than us that are thankful to have power and wasn’t as greatly affected please help them out!!! Florida stay united because this what we are all about!!! So lets hope there are no other hurricanes that come our way for the rest of hurricane season, and continue to pray!!!