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Lady Native American Indian Headdress, Roses, Wolf, Feathers Embroidered Patch

native american indian wolf with feathers and roses dream catcher ladies biker patch

Check out the latest ladies Native American Indian Wolf patch now!!!  

Hey everyone today I have a new beautiful ladies Native American patch to showcase for you today!!! Do you love the art of the native american heritage? Or you are Native American yourself? Or simply love wolves, dream catchers, feathers or roses? Well this gorgeous wolf patch has all of it in one!

It has many details all intertwined into one awesome authentic patch. This wolf patch is so unique and vibrant in colors from the Indian style headdress throughout the feathers and the roses, I love how it all flows together with a drawing like of a wolf in the middle of the patch. Very bold and put together it shows off that lady Native American touch and elegance all over. Definitely will be noticed wearing this beauty.  Continue reading Lady Native American Indian Headdress, Roses, Wolf, Feathers Embroidered Patch

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Ladies Native American Indian Wings and Feathers Patch

multi-color wings and arrows patch

Check out the latest ladies native american multi-color wings and arrows patch today!!!

Good afternoon and happy weekend everyone, hope everyone is enjoying their day and getting some fun in. Unfortunately, for me we are working today and gearing up for a vacation in a couple of weeks so not bad really when you think about it!! It will be here before we know it so until then lots of work and oh yeah definitely lots and lots of patches!!!

I am very excited for this new patch we have to showcase today. It is definitely very unique and you don’t come across many of these to often. So as you can see it is the newest patch in our ladies collection and it is very striking and absolutely colorful, very eye catchy and vibrant.

If any of you are native american or love the history of the Indian heritage this is definitely something for you! I tend to love it myself with a lot of the bold, bright colors and the tribal artistry with the arrows behind it!!! Very classy and different for sure.  Continue reading Ladies Native American Indian Wings and Feathers Patch

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Lady Rider Hummingbird Feather Lady Biker Patch

lady rider hummingbird

Click here to check out the latest Lady Rider Hummingbird Patch!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! Wanted to stop by and show off another new yet great ladies biker patch we have!!! Do you love birds? Hummingbirds? Nature? Or just want a girly looking patch? Well I got something that is up your alley!!! This stands out with its bright, bold colors and a very extravagant hummingbird. It is a very unique design incorporated with one large multi-colored feather that the bird is sitting on. This patch is very feminine, I like the saying on it in the words “Lady Rider.”  Continue reading Lady Rider Hummingbird Feather Lady Biker Patch

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Native American Indian Dream Catcher Feathers In 6 Colors

American Indian feathers patch

Check out these great Native American Indian feathers today!

I’m writing this on a Friday night, getting ready to do my taxes over the weekend, ugh! Lately I’ve found some great Native American Indian style patches so I’ve been adding those.

One type I’m happy to include are the six different colored Indian style feather patches you can see above. Each patch is a pair of feathers tied at the end and attached to a gold colored dream catcher design.

They come in six different multi-colored designs. Blue and white | red and white | golden brown and white | pink, purple, yellow and white | teal, purple, red and gold and finally gold, yellow, brown and white.

They are 2.25 inches wide by 6.5 inches high. Perfect size to put on a vest shoulder, chest, lower pocket or on the back. Buy a pair of them and put one on each shoulder or chest, mix them with other patches and so on.

They are very colorful and can be sewn or ironed on. I sell them as single patches or you can buy them in a pair of 2 patches in the same color; you save a bit doing that too.

So if your looking for some great Native American Indian style feathers patches in great bright colors check them all out by clicking the picture or link above. Now I gotta get back to my taxes!