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Lady Rider Chain Engine Embroidered Biker Patch

lady rider chain engine biker patchClick here to see the newest Lady Rider patch today!! 

Hello everyone and good morning on this lovely Monday, hope that everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl weekend and festivities. I know that I did, unfortunately the game did not go in our favor but hey always next season. With that being said congrats to Philadelphia and their win and on to improving even more in the off season. Anyways, today starts off a new week with new things here at Quality Biker Patches.

Our new inventory is rolling in and everything is looking up in the right direction so far for 2018 and that is a plus for us. So I would love to take a little time here this morning and showcase another unique and interesting ladies patch we just got in. For all my lady riders this one is a beauty and will definitely show off your motorcycle pride with this eye catchy design. If you are into sporting around a feminine but edgy patch this one may be for you. Continue reading Lady Rider Chain Engine Embroidered Biker Patch