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Our New Biker Patch Wall Clocks

Real embroidered biker wall clock

Click here for the latest Fallen Heroes Biker Wall Clock today!! 

Good morning everyone and happy Friday!! Hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday season so far, and that you all are getting all of your shopping done. I am pretty much done myself doing a little last minute shopping tonight so I can actually start wrapping! Speaking of all this holiday madness and shopping we have more that we added on the site and I would love to showcase for you today, so if you been looking for something a little more unique we got you covered! Continue reading Our New Biker Patch Wall Clocks

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Patriotic Liberty And Union Now And Forever Eagle Patch

patriotic eagle liberty and union patch

Click here to check out the latest liberty and union patch today!!  

Hey good morning everyone, happy Tuesday to all of you so far. Hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful day, I am probably writing my last post before I leave on vacation in a couple days! I am so excited for a change of pace here and take a break from all the hectic work we have going on lately. Well first and foremost, I do have another great patch that I would love to share with you all this morning. It is another bold one and loaded with details.

Do you like honoring patriotic patches? Love to support our country and all that being an American stands for? Or do you simply love the American bald eagle? Well if you do than this patch might be what you been looking for to add to your collection. This patch is very well put together and packed with patriotic symbolism. Having a patch like this and what it stands for makes you feel proud to be an American, especially with all the things that have been going on with our national anthem these days. Continue reading Patriotic Liberty And Union Now And Forever Eagle Patch

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Flying Eagle With Flaming Wings Embroidered Biker Patch

flying eagle with flaming wings

Click here to see the latest flaming eagle patch today!!! 

Hey guys how is everyone doing today on this hump day? Half way through the week and just around at the office there are a lot of things going on here. We are located in Orlando Florida which I believe most of you may know so we are on high alert and monitoring the hurricane that is about to come up around here on the weekend.

We are getting better prepared for it and hopefully this storm passes by or weakens by then. As they say prepare for the worse and hope for the best. Everyone is on standby with our own operations and hoping we won’t have to shut down but if we do so we will keep everyone updated!!! Continue reading Flying Eagle With Flaming Wings Embroidered Biker Patch

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Ladies Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Eagle with Ribbon Biker Patch

pink ribbon eagle patch

Click here to check out our new ladies breast cancer awareness patch today!!!

Hey everyone how are you all doing this awesome solar eclipse Monday??? I am doing OK here got a small glimpse of the eclipse which was pretty cool but hard to see here in Florida with our stormy afternoons in the summer!!! But wow did the temperature drop and it was definitely not anything that I have ever experience in my entire life!!! Continue reading Ladies Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Eagle with Ribbon Biker Patch

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Patriotic Eagle with Italian and American Flag Wings Rocker Patch

Patriotic Eagle with American and Italian Wings

Check out this new Patriotic Eagle with the wings of the American and Italian flags rocker patch now!!!

Good afternoon everyone!!! Hope all is well and everyone is ready for the end of yet another great workday. I am just stopping by to display another great authentic biker patch here at Quality Biker Patches!!! This one is absolutely outstanding and breathtaking to the eye, so much in detail it is the best representation of anything patriotic for two countries combined that I have ever seen!!!

This Patriotic Eagle for America and Italy is very vivid in color and in detail. The wings are fantastic with the way it broadcast both countries colors and flags on the most popular bald eagle there is! The red, white and blue look as if it is swaying in the wind and the Italian side is very colorful and bold. So are you Italian? Or American? Or Italian American? Well look no further this patch is definitely right for you, you can not go wrong!! Continue reading Patriotic Eagle with Italian and American Flag Wings Rocker Patch