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Colorful Butterflies With Rose Embroidered Biker Patch

colorful butterflies and rose patch

Click here to see the latest butterflies with rose patch today!! 

Good morning everyone how is everyone doing this beautiful Tuesday morning? I am doing well just getting into the swing of things this morning and going through all the newest items that have come in over the past several days. With that being said I do have another unique lovely patch to showcase for you. This patch is more for the ladies and I think that most of my lady riders would enjoy wearing this elegant and feminine patch.

Do any of my ladies love girly designs? Or do you like nature? Perhaps butterflies and the great outdoors with some beautiful flowers and rose? Well we have the right patch for you! This beauty has a lot of intricate and colorful details.

This specific design has a big Monarch style butterfly in the center of the patch with a purple and blue butterfly that is on each side of the Monarch and underneath them are some nicely placed vines with a red rose directly in the middle. It definitely, gives off the elegant feel and womanly vibe.  Continue reading Colorful Butterflies With Rose Embroidered Biker Patch

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Lady Rider Yellow Butterfly, Roses Lady Biker Patch

Ladies butterfly biker patch

Check out this beautiful ladies butterfly patch inside now!

It’s time to showcase another great ladies biker patch! This one I added recently and I’m very impressed with it. Not just because of the great details of it but also by the quality and vivid colors.

The bright colors of a lot of patches I carry is hard to appreciate until you’ve actually see them in person. A lot of people think the images I have of patches are just drawings or artwork of the design, but that’s not the case.

Every picture you see of the patches inside this site was taken by me or someone else of the real patch. So the colors are very true and are just as vivid and bright as in the pictures. I may touch them up a bit, but not much.

So I was very happy to see how colorful and bright the colors are of this beautiful ladies butterfly and roses biker patch. The yellow is a deep bright yellow which contrast great with the black background.

At the top in deep purple is the words Lady Rider in nice script font. Then below it is a big yellow butterfly with some purple and green, or aqua colors on it’s body.

Below that are two yellow roses with green stems and leaves. You can get it in a large size which is 9 inches wide by 7.5 inches high, or medium of 4 by 4 inches big. The large size really covers a lot of the back of a ladies jacket or vest.

While the medium size is just right for almost anything you want to put it on. As always you can sew or iron on the patches. It’s a beautiful lady rider butterfly biker patch that looks great all by itself or with other patches.

So if your looking for a large butterfly patch for the main image of the back of your jacket or vest, or a smaller one for the front, backpack, purse or anything else, I’m sure you’ll be happy with this lady rider yellow butterfly and roses biker patch!

Lady rider butterfly biker patch

Check out this beautiful ladies butterfly patch inside now!

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Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful Lady Rider Biker Patch

Be your own kind of beautiful lady rider patch

See this beautiful ladies patch here!

One of my most popular ladies embroidered patches is the one above. I think it’s because it has a very inspirational message. Basically it’s saying you should strive to be the most beautiful person you already are, not what everyone else says you should be.

It’s a message about embracing your unique, one of a kind beauty that is you. The pink butterfly reinforces that message, as we know butterflies evolve from a caterpillar into a beautiful creature. So this patch is for every girl, reminding her that we all have our own beauty nobody else has nor can take away.

The patch has a white background. Then in black text is the words “Be your own kind of beautiful” with the word Beautiful in pretty cursive style. In the upper right is pink flowers and a butterfly. The patch is cut to trace the text and butterfly, making it unique in itself.

This great lady rider patch is 4 inches wide by 2 inches high. It has embroidered edges like all of my patches, perfect for sewing on or you can iron it on with the special glue backing it has. It’s perfect for any girl, young or old, kids or adult.

The small size makes it popular to put on backpacks, purses, luggage, clothes as well as jackets and vest. I also have another patch with the same message in a yellow color.

So click on the image above and check out this pretty ladies patch. This Be your own kind of beautiful with pink flowers and butterfly lady biker patch says so much in such a small patch, plus it’s beautiful looking besides. 🙂