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Skull Wearing A Black Bandanna Embroidered Biker Patch

biker skull guy and bandanna

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Hey guys how is everyone doing this fine hump day? Wonderful I hope. I am doing well going about this gorgeous Wednesday working away and getting a lot done since I will not be in the office tomorrow. Anyways I have another great and interesting patch to display for all of you and I think you will enjoy this guy!!!

So are you interested in skulls or skeletons? Or do you like a bad-ass looking guy that happens to be a biker? Or do you think of yourself simply as that bad-ass??? Well this patch would definitely be for you!!! This guy doesn’t deal with much and he has the attitude to show it off and he absolutely not afraid too!!!

This patch has a lot of intricate details, it is a really awesome from the shape of the teeth to the interesting face this biker is making. This guy has a really cool bandanna tied behind his head that no one will dare to touch. His personality says a lot and I know I wouldn’t mess with him!!!

This genuine patch comes in two different sizes. The large patch that we have measures 10.25 inches wide by 10 inches high. Our smaller patch of this guy we have measures 5 inches wide by 5 inches high.

Each patch will look absolutely stunning in the biker world. The larger size would look its best on the back of any biker jacket or denim vest that you may have. The smaller size would look great on just about anything you can think of from showing it off on a really cool hat or new biker bag you want to carry around, it will fit on pretty much any miscellaneous item!!!

All of our inventory is top notch quality and will last a lifetime. Our patches have a very heavy twill backing that will not get ruined!! All of our unique patches can either be ironed on or sewed depending on what you like and your preference!!! So If you are fascinated by this cool bandanna wearing skull, go ahead and check it out today, you will be more than happy that you did!!!

bandanna skull biker


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