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Recent Vacation Weeks!!!

vacation up north

Hey everyone how are we doing??? Long time no see we have been away and out of the office the past week or so going on our own adventures. Bill has gone out and about and closed shop to go up to Vermont to see family and friends. Lots of rain and cooler weather for him but still got a break from this heat and humidity here in Florida. While he went there I also had gone up north to visit my home state and my friends neck of the woods.

As you can see above I put up a photo here of my favorite place to go, yes home of the New England Patriots!!! I love my team and after all the years living here this was the first time for me and boy did I have a blast and ate at the Toby Keith restaurant right in Gillette Stadium. I also had the pleasure to go to my first Red Sox game at Fenway Park and boy was it a blast. The atmosphere is amazing and nothing like it!!!

The original plan was to go there and help a friend get a car and that fell through and now I am here back in Florida and going back to the grind of things. There has been quite of a move for one of us and a new chapter to the business and bigger and better things to happen here for the ladder half of the year.

So with that being said even though we enjoyed our time away we are also excited to get back here and get cracking on work and progressing. We will be adding more and more things to the site, and also new merchandise will be here soon and we will be posting those in the upcoming weeks!! Definitely a lot to look forward too and we will keep all of you updated for sure!!! Take care everyone 🙂