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Patriotic Liberty And Union Now And Forever Eagle Patch

patriotic eagle liberty and union patch

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Hey good morning everyone, happy Tuesday to all of you so far. Hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful day, I am probably writing my last post before I leave on vacation in a couple days! I am so excited for a change of pace here and take a break from all the hectic work we have going on lately. Well first and foremost, I do have another great patch that I would love to share with you all this morning. It is another bold one and loaded with details.

Do you like honoring patriotic patches? Love to support our country and all that being an American stands for? Or do you simply love the American bald eagle? Well if you do than this patch might be what you been looking for to add to your collection. This patch is very well put together and packed with patriotic symbolism. Having a patch like this and what it stands for makes you feel proud to be an American, especially with all the things that have been going on with our national anthem these days.

This eagle stands for liberty and freedom and as you can see, he is bold and fierce. This patch not only has the eagle in the middle but the American flag as a backdrop and you also have a pair of arrows on both sides of the eagle as well. At the top it features a banner with the words “Now and Forever” with liberty and union above it, also on the bottom of the patch is another banner that says “One and Inseparable!” Very strong piece that tells a lot for our freedom, peace of mind and unity!

This gorgeous Patriotic Liberty and Union patch comes in two different sizes. The smaller size patch only measures 4.75 inches wide by 5.25 inches high. The bigger size patch we have is the large size and measures 11 inches wide by 12.5 inches high. I absolutely think that both of these patches show numerous amounts of detail. You can either iron on or sew on these patches, definitely depends on you and what your preference is!  

I definitely love the smaller patch on the front pocket of any shirt, you could also put it on any biker bag, purse, tote, backpack or any other miscellaneous item that you may find in you biker wardrobe. The larger patch is stunning and catches anyone’s attention on the back of any biker jacket, denim shirt or vest you may own. This bigger size patch will take up most of the back of any of these shirts and you won’t go wrong with sporting this patriotic patch around and show off how proud you are of your patriotism!

Our patches here at Quality Biker Patches are high quality and have been known to last a lifetime. These patches are very durable and contain a heavy twill backing that can withstand the worst of conditions, and are known to never get damaged or destroyed. Our patches really make anything thing you want to give a biker edge to come to life! This particular Patriotic patch really shows us how to stand for what we believe and to be a union again, so the choice is totally up to you to make and you can not go wrong!

Our inventory here at Quality Biker Patches consist of a lot of patriotic patches just like this one mentioned. You won’t see these unique patches anywhere else, some of these are once in a lifetime designs so you should definitely check them out!!! Go ahead and shop around and see what we have to offer, you will be happy to invest any of our merchandise into your collection! Happy Shopping!!!

patriotic eagle liberty and union patch

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