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Patriotic Eagle with Italian and American Flag Wings Rocker Patch

Patriotic Eagle with American and Italian Wings

Check out this new Patriotic Eagle with the wings of the American and Italian flags rocker patch now!!!

Good afternoon everyone!!! Hope all is well and everyone is ready for the end of yet another great workday. I am just stopping by to display another great authentic biker patch here at Quality Biker Patches!!! This one is absolutely outstanding and breathtaking to the eye, so much in detail it is the best representation of anything patriotic for two countries combined that I have ever seen!!!

This Patriotic Eagle for America and Italy is very vivid in color and in detail. The wings are fantastic with the way it broadcast both countries colors and flags on the most popular bald eagle there is! The red, white and blue look as if it is swaying in the wind and the Italian side is very colorful and bold. So are you Italian? Or American? Or Italian American? Well look no further this patch is definitely right for you, you can not go wrong!!

So if you want to sport this new patch around and show off you pride for your countries this lovely patch comes in two different sizes. The first size is our medium size which measures 4 inches wide by 4.25 inches high and would look great on anything miscellaneous such as backpacks, hats, totes, duffel-bags, backpacks and so much more!!! The larger size we have measures 12 inches wide by 12 inches high and would look very appealing on any biker jacket, denim shirt, or even a biker vest, whichever you choose!!!

Every single one of our items are top quality and you won’t regret your choice!! All of our patches contain a very tough and durable twill backing that will last you a lifetime. Each patch can be either sewn on or ironed on to your liking it is totally up to you and what you think looks best. So check out this beauty and I hope you choose this one you will be very thrilled that you bought another great one, it won’t be here too long!!!

Patriotic Eagle and Italian and american wings

Check out this Patriotic Eagle patch today!!!