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Newest Christian Crusader Biker Patches!!!

blue and white christian crusader biker patch

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Good morning everyone, how is everyone this fine Tuesday morning? I am doing well just waking up and having a nice hot cup of coffee. I wanted to go through some new things around here at the office as well. As you all know Daytona Beach Bike Week 2018 wrapped up over the weekend and just wanted briefly mention that.

Hope everyone enjoyed and was able to get out and see the sights and sounds of this year’s Bike Week 2018. Overall it was a success for us and we had a blast, we did end up going a second time this past Friday and it was super busy but was again a lot to see and do. Also, just want to remind you that if you haven’t bought a Bike Week shirt we still have them so be sure to check them out and get yours here!

So now I would love to talk about a few newer patches we are coming across in the office this morning. These are pretty popular and so we picked up a few different ones, which are our Christian Crusader knights and shield patches. They are very unique and are quite detailed. As you can see from the one above here, this crusader is knelt down holding a sword and shield in vibrant blue, gold, and silver colors. Definitely, an authentic and classic medieval looking style.

The crusader patch comes in one size for right now, it is a smaller size measures about 3.25 inches wide by 4.5 inches high which will look stunning on just about any miscellaneous item. You can put it on anything from on the front of any biker shirt, biker bag, cap, or just about anything you can think of!!! It is really up to you and your preference!

Our inventory here at Quality Biker Patches is top notch quality and will last you a long time. These particular patches are very heavy duty and are durable and they have a tough twill backing that will never be damaged or fall apart on you!!! These patches also can be either ironed on or sewn on, totally your choice! So if you are interested in these Christian crusader patches go ahead and check them out and get your today!!!

christian crusader knight shield biker patch

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