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New Biker Patches Added, Upcoming Bike Week News!

Fight like a marine

Check out this latest ladies Save the Boobies Patch!!!

Hey Everyone its Biker Babe here, Happy Friday!!! Thank god its Friday, its been a long week here at the office. Time to kick of the weekend on a good note and wrap up the week. Just wanted to give you all a shout out and remind everyone about the new patches that I have updated and added on the site this past week.

As you can see, I have added a bunch of new designs that I hope everyone enjoys and will possibly add them to your own personal collections. There are plenty different ones to choose from and something you will find for everyone. Anything from skulls, military, patriotic and silly sayings.

I posted one of my favorites above. Its a little something for the ladies, totally feminine. Save the Boobies, Fight like a Marine! Love it! Shows the strength in all women who fight breast cancer and everyone who supports it. Never Give Up Ladies!!! Breast Cancer Awareness totally an uplifting patch, fabulous in this pink color and loads of detail. 

There will be more patches coming up. There is always something new to be posting. Fairly busy these past few weeks right? Next week will be even busier as we approach bike week!!! So keep checking back with us for newer stuff. I will definitely be posting more on Monday morning to start of a new week!!!

Speaking of Bike Week, it is around the corner!!! I am so excited for it to be here and I am sure all my biker pals are too!!! I will definitely be going this year to check it all out in Daytona and see all the hype!

It is my first year attending and can not wait, its been long overdue. I will be there around Main Street and all the popular areas sporting my new outfit!!! Soaking up the sun too hopefully. Hope all of you have your bike week gear as well!

If you don’t have any bike week gear, be sure to check out our t-shirts on our website they look fantastic. So I hope you are able to grab yourself something really cool for the event while our merchandise for bike week 2017 last!!! I am sure everyone will look their best. Hope to see you all there for the fun and excitement!!!

Well time to wrap up a busy week and have some fun!!! Hope all of you have a really great weekend and get out and do something!!! I will be returning on Monday bright and early to add more products. I will talk to all of you next week, take care everyone!!! 🙂 🙂