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Lips With Rose Lady Rider Angel Wings Biker Patch

lady rider lips and rose biker patch

Check out the latest Lady Rider biker patch today!! 

Good morning everyone how was everyone’s weekend? I hope fantastic, mine was! But it is now Monday and it is time to get back to the grind and work hard this week. Again just want to let everyone know we are continuously still getting more merchandise here for the new year and new events coming up. We are finally getting our items in for Daytona Bike Week sometime this week, so we will be starting to sell those lovely T-shirts everyone has been waiting for.

Today, however I have another great and unique patch to display for you. As you can see it is another ladies biker patch. This patch has a lot of style and a lot of sassy-ness. If you are one of my lady riders and been looking for something different to have in your collection this might be something worth having. Especially if you like to show off some attitude as you ride! This patch also has a lot of vibrant colors and jam packed with details.

This beauty comes in two different sizes. Our larger size patch measures around 8 inches wide by 3 inches high. This patch would definitely look stunning on the back of any women’s biker jacket or denim vest. On the other hand, the small size patch measures only 5.5 inches wide by 2 inches high and looks its best on any miscellaneous item you can think of to the front left chest of any denim shirt, a tote bag, hat, or even biker purse.

Here at Quality Biker Patches all of our patches are high quality and you will be more than delighted with any of the patches you want. These patches can be either be ironed on or sewn on depending on your preference and what you desire! These patches have a tough very durable twill backing that will never be ruin or damaged no matter what the conditions are!

If you are interested in what you see and what I have displayed here today please go ahead and check out now while it last! All my lady riders you will absolutely love it and be happy with adding this awesome patch to your biker collection, so go and click on the link on the bottom of either picture and order yours now!!

lady rider lips and rose biker patch  Click here to get your Lady Rider patch now!!