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Leesburg Bikefest 2018!!!

leesburg bikefest 2018
Hey guys, good morning hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I hope that you were able to get out to Leesburg Florida and enjoy this year’s Bikefest as well. I know that we did and we had a splendid time for the first time going out to this event.

Bill and I enjoyed the first day of the event, we actually noticed that is very much for mostly our fellow resident riders and showing off local pride. Also, it is quite smaller than our Daytona Bike week, however the weather was nice and warm and sunny for the outing and we found plenty of fun things to do throughout the day!

We first started the day off seeing the local booths for any cool new biker gear, saw things from apparel, boots and jewelry ideas that we are hoping to add to our own site. I even bought my very own first pair of cowgirl boots at one of the stands for a reasonable deal. There was also a lot of fun going on from pictures with cool tatted up biker chicks, to music, contests and of course there were plenty of places to get good food and enough bars to get your drink on.

One of the most popular places we decided to hang out at was called Rats Hole Bar where they had a guy singing by request whichever song you wanted to hear. The Rats Hole also hosted the events like the annual Bike Show and also the best tattoo contest. Definitely lots of fun and I think for sure we will be going again next year in 2019!

So if you were not able to attend Leesburg Bikefest 2018 I have attached a picture gallery at the bottom that you can all look at it. All you have to do is click on each photo to make them bigger and unfortunately you have to use the arrow by your browser to go back and look at each one separately. Also, as you may notice the pictures here look like they are sideways which I am unsure why but when you click on them to view them bigger they are right side up!

Hope that you all enjoy looking at all of my photos, sorry guys I am not in any of these ones we just simply forgot. As for all my bikers that did not go I hope you also enjoy these and maybe we will get to see you all around for the fun and excitement next year! You can also get a glance at the official website, they actually have details up for next year! Click here to see more and like always Happy Shopping!