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Lady Native American Indian Headdress, Roses, Wolf, Feathers Embroidered Patch

native american indian wolf with feathers and roses dream catcher ladies biker patch

Check out the latest ladies Native American Indian Wolf patch now!!!  

Hey everyone today I have a new beautiful ladies Native American patch to showcase for you today!!! Do you love the art of the native american heritage? Or you are Native American yourself? Or simply love wolves, dream catchers, feathers or roses? Well this gorgeous wolf patch has all of it in one!

It has many details all intertwined into one awesome authentic patch. This wolf patch is so unique and vibrant in colors from the Indian style headdress throughout the feathers and the roses, I love how it all flows together with a drawing like of a wolf in the middle of the patch. Very bold and put together it shows off that lady Native American touch and elegance all over. Definitely will be noticed wearing this beauty. 

If this patch is something you may like to add in your collection it only comes in one size. It measures 4 inches wide by 4 inches high. This patch would look great on the front of any ladies denim vest, shirt or jacket. You can also sport it on any miscellaneous item like a bag of your choice to make a statement or even a hat if you like wearing hats!!!

All of our patch are top notch quality and you can’t be wrong going with any of them. These patches are very durable and have a heavy twill backing that won’t come apart or get ruined. All of the patches can also be ironed on or sewn on depends on what you feel is better for you!! So if you are interested in what you see and want to check it out go ahead and take a look!!! You will love this wolf patch!!!