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Ladies Weekend Sale Going On Now!!!

3 day sale  Hey guys the weekend is here and underway, getting ready to have a fun and exciting one! No work and all fun for sure but anyways so that all of you know this week has been another productive one here at the office and we had lots of newer stuff come in. We are really excited to get all of that going for next week! Right now for the weekend however despite all the new products, we have a sale going on for some new and older patches.

This weekend you will catch a huge deal and we invite you to look and see if there is anything you may enjoy! So this weekend we are featuring a 3 day sale on all ladies patches! Starting today til Sunday night, on October 1, 2017 you can save 15% off anything in this particular category on total purchases!

So yeah if any of my lady bikers are interested this is your weekend! So please take advantage, again 3 days only til the end of 10/1/2017 15% off using the coupon code 15OFF like in the picture above. So if you all are interested in this we will be having these sales more frequently, so check in every Friday and see what will be in store for that upcoming weekend! Happy Shopping Everyone, and happy weekend! See you all next week!