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Ladies She-Wolf No Club With Roses Biker Patch

she wolf no club biker patch

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Good morning everyone! How is everyone doing on this fine day? I know I am doing great getting the day underway with some work and checking things out around the office. Best way to start the day going through all these patches with a cup of coffee! Anyways, I have another great patch for all of you to showcase today. This one is an older yet new patch as you can see above it is another beauty. There is just something about this patch that is very feminine and elegant almost gives me the tribal feel the way the design is put together.

So are you into wolves? Or interesting shape patches with very intricate designs? Then this patch might just be for you! To all my ladies out there this patch will fit all things feminine. I personally love the shape of the patch, the heart-shaped look definitely adds that girly detail. This patch is very vibrant and has lots of detail. The she-wolf has the more tribal look to the eye and the stem and roses adds more to the elegance. It also features the words “No Club-No Rules-Just Ride” in the upper left hand part of the heart and of course the word “She Wolf” towards the bottom.

This unique patch comes in two different sizes. The large patch measures 9 inches wide by 8.25 inches high. This kind of patch will look stunning on the back of any ladies biker shirt, vest or leather jacket. It is also a great size that will fill most of the back-side to any of those items mentioned, you will definitely look bad ass and making a fashion statement while rocking this beautiful design around! For instance, any of those biker events you may want to shine and show off some personality at, get people’s attention!

The smaller patch on the other hand does measures only 5.25 inches wide by 3.25 inches high. I believe this one would look stylish and would really stand out on anything from the front of any biker shirt you may own to wearing any type of hat, biker bag, tote or any other miscellaneous item you come across.

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she wolf no club and roses biker patch

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