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Ladies Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Eagle with Ribbon Biker Patch

pink ribbon eagle patch

Click here to check out our new ladies breast cancer awareness patch today!!!

Hey everyone how are you all doing this awesome solar eclipse Monday??? I am doing OK here got a small glimpse of the eclipse which was pretty cool but hard to see here in Florida with our stormy afternoons in the summer!!! But wow did the temperature drop and it was definitely not anything that I have ever experience in my entire life!!!

Anyways, back here in the office I got some pretty cool new things around that we haven’t gotten to yet! And there are also some things that will be coming up that we are gearing up for in the next few weeks. These things we will hopefully be bringing in which should be some jewelry and other cool ideas as well that we are excited to come up with and share with all of you!!

So on another note I do have this really awesome new patch to showcase for you today!! This one is more on support and awareness and showing your pride in being a survivor.

As you can see this is a really well put together patch and it is very moving with the bald eagle giving us a fierce vibe while holding on to the pink ribbon, tied in with the pink roses on each side. Vivid and bold in silver and pink colors, very elegant for all of my lady riders.

Do you know someone who is dealing with this unfortunate type of cancer or is or has survived breast cancer? Then this patch might be for you. Or do you simply want to support breast cancer awareness??? I would absolutely check this authentic patch out!!!

This patch comes in two different sizes. The larger size patch measures 10.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches high. This kind of patch will look stunning on the back of any ladies biker shirt, vest or leather jacket. It is definitely a great size that will take up a good portion of the back of any of the ensembles mentioned, you will definitely have heads turning wearing this beautiful piece around!!!

The smaller patch on the flip side measures only 5.25 inches wide by 3.25 inches high and would look stylish on anything from the front of any shirt to wearing any type of baseball cap you can think of around town or even on any kind of bag or tote you like to carry.

Quality biker patches inventory isn’t anything less than top notch quality that is guaranteed to last you. Our patches have a heavy and tough durable twill back that will never be damaged or come apart on you no matter what type of conditions you go through with them!!

So if you are interested in this breast cancer awareness patch again go ahead and check it out!!! You can’t go wrong with this patch in you collection, you will totally be satisfied!!! Happy Shopping!!! 🙂

breast cancer eagle pink ribbon

Check out this latest breast cancer with pink ribbon patch now!!!