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Happy New Year From Quality Biker Patches!

sugar skull butterfly biker patch

Check out this Sugar Skull Butterfly patch today!! 

Good morning everyone hope everyone is doing quite well this Monday morning! I also hope everyone has had a great holiday season and that all of you are starting off the new year on the right foot!! Can’t believe it is 2018 already and this is my first personal post of the year, I have been extremely busy and all since the holidays rolled around and spending time with family.

It was also both Bill’s birthday and mine at the beginning of this month, so that was also very fun! With that being said the new year is working out well so far here at Quality Biker Patches and we can not wait to see what the whole entire year has in store for us! 

As you can see we are starting to get in new inventory and our site has come a long way within the year of 2017 so that is exciting for us. The patch I want to briefly showcase for you all today is this beauty above which is a sugar skull butterfly patch. It is a real gem and is packed with tons of vibrant colors and details.

So if you want something girly and elegant or you simply like sugar skulls and would like to show this type of design off this patch could be for you! Definitely best for all my lady riders who want something fashionable and makes a statement as they ride!

This lovely patch comes in two different sizes. The larger size patch measures 9 inches wide by 7.5 inches high. This patch would look absolutely stunning on the back of any ladies biker jacket, denim vest or shirt. This patch won’t go unnoticed since it will take up most of the space of any of the garments you place it on.

The smaller size patch on the other hand, only measures 4 inches wide by 3 inches high. This piece would look good on any miscellaneous item including anything from the front pocket of any shirt, hat, tote bag or anything else you can possibly think of.

Here at Quality Biker Patches, all of our inventory is high quality and you can’t go wrong with anything that you choose. These patches have the option to be ironed on or sewn on it is up to you and your preference! They are also very durable and have a tough twill backing that won’t ever be damaged!

So if you are looking for some really cool looking patches this year for reasonable price we have what you are looking for! Also, we will be adding new shirt designs and I wanted to let everyone know to start checking for our 2018 Daytona Beach Bike Week shirt designs as well since it is right around the corner!

So again if you are interested in this sugar skull beauty go ahead and check it out! All of my lady riders will absolutely love sporting this around at any and all biker events. We will be keeping this one in stock and also be keeping you all updated on our new items. Happy shopping and Happy New Year once again!!

sugar skull butterfly biker patch

Click here to check out this sugar skull butterfly patch now!!