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Happy Memorial Day From Quality Biker Patches!!

support our troops biker patch

Click here to see support our troops patriotic flag patch today!! 

Hello everyone, good Monday morning to all of you, I also wanted to say Happy Memorial day as well from Bill and I here at Quality Biker Patches. I know that its been a little while since myself has wrote on here but I just wanted to give you all a quick Memorial Day shout out and to showcase a lovely patriotic patch today!

Since it is a patriotic holiday this beautiful patch you see above is one of our favorite military and patriotic patches we have in our collection. I think this particular patch represents a day like Memorial Day like no other. Memorial Day is a day that we set aside as a country and show our support for our heroes who have served or who are still serving this great nation. This patch definitely stands out and keeps that memory of the fallen in our thoughts.

This patch has a lot of detail and is well put together. From the red, white and blue flag as the background of this patch to the missing soldier with rifle, boots and hat in the center and all of the branches of service around the top. This lovely, vibrant patch is very moving and shows us unity within our country and to never take life for granted.

The Support our troops patch does come in two different sizes. Which the smallest size that we have is actually our medium size and it only measures 5 inches wide by 5 inches high. This patch would look its absolute best on any miscellaneous item, from anything like hats, bags, totes to even just simply putting it on the front of any denim biker shirt or vest.

The larger size however, measures 12 inches wide by 12 inches high and would look stunning on the back of any biker jacket or vest. All of our inventory consists of high quality and all of our items are guaranteed to last.

Our patches can either be ironed on or sewn on its entirely up to you and your preference. These patches have a very heavy and durable twill backing that will never come apart or get ruined! So if you are interested in this patriotic patch or want to find others go ahead and check them out today the choices are completely endless!

You will be happy with anything that you find in our store. So again I just wanted to say Happy Memorial Day, enjoy the rest of your weekend and of course Happy Shopping! 🙂

support our troops biker patch

Click here to see this patriotic patch now!!