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Grim Reaper Skull with Crossed Scythes and Wings Middle Finger Patch

Grim Reaper Skull and Middle Finger Patch

Check out the latest Grim Reaper Skull with Middle Finger Patch today!!!

Hey guys happy afternoon to everyone, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the day. Well I got another unique patch to showcase for you all today. Take a look at this beauty, very subdued in grey and silver and is very well detailed. Are you interested in the Grim Reaper? Or skulls? Or do you just simply love the middle finger style in this patch? Then this is the right patch for you!!!

This Grim Reaper Patch is beyond detailed and keeps the eyes attention for sure. The wings alone with all the feathers seem so real. The crossed scythes are also rich in details and looks as if they have a shiny effect to them!! I personally love this design and haven’t seen anything like it anywhere!!! If you all are enjoying this particular patch I think you should check it out right away!!

If you must add this authentic style to your own collection and be proud to show it off to everyone it comes in two sizes to choose from. The first size is a medium style which measures 3.75 inches wide by 4 inches high and will look absolutely amazing on backpacks, totes, carry on travel bags, and anything other miscellaneous item you can think of. It also comes in the larger size too which measures 11.5 inches wide by 12 inches high and will go on the back of any stunning biker t-shirt, denim shirt , vest, or jacket of your choice.

All of these patches we have are definitely top notch and you won’t regret your decision to have another one from our collection to yours. These patches have a very tough twill backing that is very durable and will last you a lifetime. Everyone of the patches can be iron on or sewed on depending on what you desire. So you can have a beautiful piece put onto anything you feel comfortable with, it is absolutely your call!!! So go ahead and check out this stunning Grim Reaper Patch today, you will be more than satisfied with it!!!!