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Grim Reaper Skull Angel of Death Blue Shield Patch

Grim reaper biker patch

Check out this new Angel of Death Blue Grim Reaper Skull patch today!!!

I am ecstatic to show off another great patch today, I would say it has to be another awesome design here at Quality Biker Patches. Are you into the Grim Reaper? Angel of Death or Darkness? Or simply just a fan of skulls well this patch is right up your alley!!! This Angel of Death Grim Reaper patch is definitely full of detail and is very authentic and great new style.

The Grim Reaper has amazing detail the way that the shield is put together in the design with the scythe, which to me looks like it has a shiny effect to the patch. I also love the blue color how it is showcased into the patch with the subdued grey color. I think that this would be a really great piece to add to anyone who loves skulls to their collection. So if you are interested I think that you should go ahead and check it out!!! 

If this is the patch for you and you want to add it to your ensemble it comes in two sizes. This unique Grim Reaper patch comes in a large size that measures 9.75 inches wide by 12.5 inches high. I think that this would look stunning on any biker jacket, vest, or denim shirt you might have. This patch also has a smaller size, which measures 3.25 inches wide by 5 inches high and will look great on any tote bag, travel bag or backpack you have for miscellaneous use. It may even look good on the front of any denim shirt or t-shirt.

All of the patches here at Quality Biker Patches are very high quality. These patches are definitely durable. The back side of each patch is a heavy tough twill that will last a lifetime. Our patches can also be ironed on or sewn on depending on what you think looks its best and what you are comfortable with. Its absolutely up you!!! So if you are interested in this specific patch and can’t look past it and it is your thing then I think that you will be more than happy with this one!! So go ahead and check it out!!! This embroidered patch won’t be anywhere else!!!


Angel of Death Grim Reaper Blue Shield patch

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