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Grey Rhinestone Sugar Skull and Rose Lady Rider Patch

Rhinestone sugar skull patch Check out the latest ladies Sugar Skull Rhinestone patch today!!!

Hey everyone how are we doing this fine day? Good I hope, I am about to wrap up my day here at the office. But, first I wanted to showcase a brand new patch we have for the ladies!!! Do you like skulls and think they are cool? Do you like some bling to your wardrobe? Or some cool looking roses with the skull? Well this is the patch that is right for you!!!

This Sugar Skull Rhinestone patch is very unique and eye catchy. I love how it accentuates the rhinestones and the roses together. It is is very feminine and girly and I think that most women would enjoy having this piece in their collection. Aside from these feminine features it is also in a very subdued grey color which I think elaborates all its details. If you like what you see ladies I strongly recommend that you check this one out!!!

So if you want to add this authentic patch to you wardrobe and want to stand out this patch comes in two different sizes. The larger size measures 7 inches wide by 9 inches high. Which would complete the back of any ladies biker vest and jacket. Its smaller size measures 3.5 inches wide by 5 inches high, which would look fantastic on any biker bag, tote bag, or any other miscellaneous item you wish to put it on!!

All of our patches are top notch quality and you can’t go wrong with yet again, another authentic one here at Quality Biker Patches. These biker patches are very durable and have a tough twill backing that will last you a lifetime. Every biker patch we have can either be ironed on or sew on depending on your preference. Whichever way you feel comfortable with wearing out these beautiful pieces is absolutely up to you!!! So check out this Rhinestone Sugar Skull, you will be glad you did!!!