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Freedom Isn’t Free Brothers And Sisters Biker Patch

patriotic freedom isnt free eagle patch

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Good Monday morning to all, hope that you all are having a great day so far and enjoyed your weekend. I sure did saw a concert and had a great mother’s day as well, hope that all my mom riders out there a had a great day too. Well its been a little bit since I posted on here but I did wanna showcase this particular patch today with Memorial day weekend around the corner and all.

So are you in the military or know some one that is? Well then this piece might be for you! This patch has a lot of details and signifies a lot. It shows a lot of patriotism and American pride, makes you actually think about the true meaning of it. It reminds us to not take anything for granted because we think of freedom differently than our soldiers. To me it is a very moving piece and speaks volumes.

This patch we have only in one size. It measures 3 inches wide by 3.5 inches high. It looks its best on any miscellaneous item that you can think of that might come across in your biker wardrobe. Anything from hats, suitcases, totes, any type of bag, or simply on the front of any denim vest or biker shirt. All of our patches can also be ironed on or sewn on it is entirely up to you and your preference the options are quite endless!

All of our inventory here at Quality Biker Patches are high quality and our items are guaranteed to last. These patches contain a very durable and tough twill backing that won’t come apart on you. Our patches are known to go through the worst weather related conditions and even the normal wear and tear and they will still not be ruined!

Each and every single one of these unique patches just brings something to any biker ensemble. So if you are interested in what I just displayed for you today and this might be something your looking for. Go ahead and check this beautiful patriotic patch out now and get yours today, you will definitely enjoy it!