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Daytona Beach 25th Anniversary Biketoberfest 2017!!

daytona biketoberfest 2017

Hey guys how is everyone doing? Just wanted to let you all know about this year’s Biketoberfest 2017 coming up it will be in full swing on October 19th-22nd !!! Not sure if any or all of you are going!! Unfortunately, I myself will not be making it this year I will be out of town and doing something more family related.

But we still want to have a great turnout for Biketoberfest like we do for Bike week so I wanted to give you the details on it and hopefully I will also be able to cross this bike event off my list next year! Don’t forget to get those engines running and get your party on for me!

So anyways it is gonna get crazy and there is gonna be a lot to see and do so much similar to Bike week if any of you have attended in the past. This event brings in more than 100,000 visitors. All of the visitors include anyone from your well known bikers, motorcycle lovers and anyone who is just traveling and want to see something new while they enjoy such nice fall weather, bands and seeing the different types of bikes here at the races!

At Biketoberfest there will be plenty of things going on like mentioned above you will find some live bands playing in the streets of Daytona, especially on the infamous Main Street Station, there is also biker buffets going on that might interest those hungry bikers in your life! If that isn’t what you are looking to do there is always something for everyone and something going on for everyday of this event.

I also came across some cool distillery tours and rum and vodka tastings! Sounds yummy to me! All in all you will find also so many bars and other events going on up and down the strip you may even see a full concert by this guy called Bobby Friss, not sure if anyone has heard of him. I know that I would be checking it out if I were going, especially anything rock related.

So with a lot to do there is never a dull moment at an event like this. So if you are going or are interested please go and enjoy this is the perfect time of year where it is not too humid and keep in mind that everything is also been cleared up from hurricane Irma and it is a blessing to go and have fun and celebrate being free! If you guys want more information just go ahead and visit the official Biketoberfest 2017 to learn more by clicking  here !!!