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Daytona Beach 2018 Bike Week Picture Gallery

Daytona beach bike week 2018


Good Monday morning everyone, its Biker Babe just checking in to see how everyone’s weekend went. Hopefully you all had a good one, and maybe some of you were able to make it out to the opening of Daytona Beach Bike Week 2018 this weekend. If so, I hope everyone had a blast and enjoyed all of their Bike Week festivities from the Speedway to Main Street it is always a lot of fun and always something new to see.

We enjoyed all of the events and did some business per usual, as we ended up going up to Daytona this past Friday. Unfortunately, it was yet another chilly one at only 57 degrees this year, slightly warmer than last but we still made the most of it.

We saw some really cool biker gear, and designs that were awesome and we hope that we will end up with new merchandise here at Quality Biker Patches in the future. As always fun it is nice to see the newest things coming out in the biker world.

Despite the cooler weather we still took advantage of a lot of the sites and sounds of bike week. We saw a lot of cool new places opposed from last year and even got to stay out and see some of the night life. Took to the streets other than the really cool motorcycles and rallies was a wet t-shirt contest at Dirty Harry’s.

They have this contest numerous times each and everyday during Bike Week. Boy! It made it chilly to watch but was a lot of fun so lady riders if you are into that type of thing it might be something you want to check out if you haven’t already!

Also, aside from the contest there are other places to check out like the Boot Hill Saloon, that was a really cool place if your looking for a bar to hang out at and listen to really cool music. They actually have a stage all set up for bands to perform and everything.

You can also hit up the Full Moon Saloon as well it is indoors and outdoors with a similar atmosphere, there is so much to mention. Full Moon Saloon also has their own contest for the ladies if anyone is interested it is a best buns contest! Totally different from the wet t-shirt contest!

There is pretty much anything and everything for just about anyone. So much to really talk about and go on about but it is such a great time you all will have a lot of fun. We are also thinking about going back up there sometime this week! I might even check out the best buns contest and enter myself, we will see!

Anyways, down at the bottom I have added a picture gallery from Friday’s fun and activities. If you want to see any of the pictures bigger just simply click on the desired photo and then hit the go back button to continue to check out the rest!! Hope everyone enjoys these and checks out Bike Week 2018 too!!!