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Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Lady Temptress Biker Patch

sugar skull temptress biker patch Click here to see this authentic sugar skull temptress!!!

What’s going on with everyone this fine early afternoon? Everything is going absolutely well here, I do have a really unique patch that has slipped my mind here around the office. When is the last time you have come across a really neat looking ladies sugar skull patch? This one above is quite the most elegant one that I have seen and seems to be pretty popular. It definitely gives you that very girly and sophisticated vibe to me!!!

This tasteful patch is very detailed from the face painted skull and luscious hair, to the seductive stare she is given. She sports a really nice red rose in her hair and definitely adds a lot of fashion and style to her with this red, ruffled Mexican folkloric dress. Makes me just want to start dancing!!!

The sugar skull temptress patch is definitely beautiful and stunning by far. I believe most ladies would enjoy having this patch in their wardrobe. This patch comes in two different sizes. The larger patch measures 6.25 inches wide by 9.5 inches high. The other patch is the smaller size which is a medium style and it measures 3.5 inches wide by 5 inches high. Both of these sizes will absolutely add tons of style to anything you can think of.

The smaller size will look gorgeous on any various items. For example, it may look its best on the front pocket of any shirt, bag, purse, tote, backpack or even a hat. Pretty sure the larger patch would look great on the back of any biker jacket, denim shirt or vest you may have.

All of our patches here at Quality Biker Patches are outstanding quality that will last you a lifetime. They are very hard wearing with a heavy twill backing . Our patches are well known to go through just about any conditions so they will not never be ruined or damaged. Patches like this really make any ensemble fresh and modern with all the elaborate details in it.

We do have some other sugar skull patches as well here at the store. These are some really cool designs and if you are into skulls and these type of designs you should go ahead and check them out!!! You won’t see them anywhere else and you will be very happy that you chose one of these for your own, so go ahead and invest something new to your biker patch collection!!!!

sugar skull temptress patch

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