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Cute Small Skull and Crossed Bones with Bandanna Kids Patch

skull with bandanna patch

Check out this new cute kids skull with bandanna patch today!!!

Hey everyone how are we doing this fine Friday afternoon??? It is lunchtime already and half way through the day, almost to some weekend fun!!! So before we can think of any weekend plans we have yet another patch or two to talk about here at the office.This particular patch could either be for kids or ladies, they are rather cute and small. Do you like skulls? Cute bandanna wearing ones? Well I got the perfect patch here for you!!!

These cute little bandanna skulls are so unique and appealing with the colors and placement of detail they have set a really child like tone. However it can be a more feminine and girly piece, I think that most ladies and young women and girls will really enjoy this in their biker patch collection. Small young gals out there might want to start a collection of their own as a little rider to match their daddies who like to ride. How cute would that be? So if you are interested in this piece I would highly recommend checking this one out!!!

If you want to add this patch to you wardrobe it does not come in two different sizes. However it does come in two different colors which are purple like pictured above or pink like you see below. This patch measures a whopping 3 inches wide by 2 inches high. I think that this patch would be really cute on just about any shirt, jacket for the front side near a pocket or any tote bag or hat.

Every patch that we have in our selection is high quality so you cannot go wrong. Our biker patches have heavy durability and a tough twill backing that will never come apart or be damaged through anything that you could imagine it will withstand anything in its way!!! All of the patches have the capability of either being ironed on or sew on all depends on you!! So if you like what you see please go ahead and check it out, you will love these !!

skull with bandanna patch

Click here to see the newest kids skull with pink bandanna patch now!!!