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Ladies Pink, Blue And Purple Sparkling Stones Butterfly Biker Patch

ladies pink and blue butterfly patch

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Hello and good Monday morning to everyone! Hope that all of you had a great weekend, I definitely did finally caught some beach weather and less rain! But, now it is the beginning of a new work week and as I am going through new items this morning, I found a beautiful new patch. Today I want to showcase a new ladies patch, it is absolutely stunning and as you can see quite colorful and vibrant.

If you are a butterfly lover, or like this type of creature and enjoy nature than this patch might be what you are looking for. Aside from this vibrant colors and variety of details this beautiful ladies  embroidered biker patches also has sparkling stones added to each wing. Continue reading Ladies Pink, Blue And Purple Sparkling Stones Butterfly Biker Patch

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Happy Memorial Day From Quality Biker Patches!!

support our troops biker patch

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Hello everyone, good Monday morning to all of you, I also wanted to say Happy Memorial day as well from Bill and I here at Quality Biker Patches. I know that its been a little while since myself has wrote on here but I just wanted to give you all a quick Memorial Day shout out and to showcase a lovely patriotic patch today!

Since it is a patriotic holiday this beautiful patch you see above is one of our favorite military and patriotic patches we have in our collection. I think this particular patch represents a day like Memorial Day like no other. Memorial Day is a day that we set aside as a country and show our support for our heroes who have served or who are still serving this great nation. This patch definitely stands out and keeps that memory of the fallen in our thoughts. Continue reading Happy Memorial Day From Quality Biker Patches!!

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Re-Opening Of Leather Supreme!!

leather supreme promotion

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Hey guys good Monday morning to all of you!! I am starting off the day with a lot of advertising and social media. But before I can entirely continue with that I am super excited to bring you guys our re-opening sale on our sister site Leather Supreme. This site has been around but we had to update it, it was too old and definitely not mobile friendly.

Now that Leather Supreme is updated and ready to go I wanted to share with you the new page and celebrate with you by offering everyone who buys on the site a 15% off store wide sale which will be going on now through May 27th all throughout Memorial Day weekend! There will be a coupon code you guys can use 15OFF when you are at the checkout screen just type it in when you see a space for coupon code. Continue reading Re-Opening Of Leather Supreme!!

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Freedom Isn’t Free Brothers And Sisters Biker Patch

patriotic freedom isnt free eagle patch

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Good Monday morning to all, hope that you all are having a great day so far and enjoyed your weekend. I sure did saw a concert and had a great mother’s day as well, hope that all my mom riders out there a had a great day too. Well its been a little bit since I posted on here but I did wanna showcase this particular patch today with Memorial day weekend around the corner and all.

So are you in the military or know some one that is? Well then this piece might be for you! This patch has a lot of details and signifies a lot. It shows a lot of patriotism and American pride, makes you actually think about the true meaning of it. It reminds us to not take anything for granted because we think of freedom differently than our soldiers. To me it is a very moving piece and speaks volumes. Continue reading Freedom Isn’t Free Brothers And Sisters Biker Patch

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Leesburg Bikefest 2018!!!

leesburg bikefest 2018
Hey guys, good morning hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I hope that you were able to get out to Leesburg Florida and enjoy this year’s Bikefest as well. I know that we did and we had a splendid time for the first time going out to this event.

Bill and I enjoyed the first day of the event, we actually noticed that is very much for mostly our fellow resident riders and showing off local pride. Also, it is quite smaller than our Daytona Bike week, however the weather was nice and warm and sunny for the outing and we found plenty of fun things to do throughout the day! Continue reading Leesburg Bikefest 2018!!!