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New Brown Leather Collection!!

brown collection leather jacket

Click here to see the latest Brown Leather Jacket!! 

Hello Good Morning everyone, hope you are all enjoying your Friday morning so far. I am just sitting here enjoying the day around the office before my weekend gets underway! But until that happens I do have some new updates and news to tell you all about. This week we just added a whole new section here to the site and I wanted to talk a little bit about it. The newest section that we added and are currently working on is our own brand name the Brown Collection!

As you can see above, is our men’s retro brown concealed carry buffalo hide leather cafe motorcycle jacket. This jacket is very unique, and rugged and comes with a removable holster that can either be attached to each side where the two pockets are. It is also made from a top grain heavy 1.3 MM buffalo hide leather and no two colors are exactly alike.

More features it includes is a removable mesh liner by zipper, with air vents in the back, chest and both sleeves. Also, has zippers on the side to give it a more fitted style with zippered cuffs and snaps; with each zipper having leather pull tabs for a more fashionable vibe. Continue reading New Brown Leather Collection!!

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Holiday Ideas And The Latest From Quality Biker Patches!!

motorcycle biker chain bracelet

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Hello good morning everyone, hope everyone is having a wonderful cyber Monday this morning and that you all are ready for those online sales, I know that we definitely are! Also wanted to wish that everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day and a great Black Friday weekend. Black Friday was quite the successful weekend for us and now that Thanksgiving and the 4-day weekend is over we wanted to help with some other gift ideas this season.

As a reminder to all of you who love to shop for those infamous authentic biker patches, we still have our selection of biker jewelry on here that includes our high quality biker chain bracelets. These items are absolutely stunning and look amazing in both women’s and men’s styles. They’re all made with the best grade of 316 L stainless steel; which won’t rust or tarnish on you. Most of the bracelets come with a .25 extension if you need it please make sure that you purchase one that comes with it! Continue reading Holiday Ideas And The Latest From Quality Biker Patches!!

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Happy Thanksgiving Black Friday Weekend Sale!!

20% off black Friday sale

Hey everyone hope that everyone is looking forward to this upcoming week, it is a short week for most and I know that I am excited! Hope that all of you are going to be enjoying your Thanksgiving meals and family gatherings this Thursday, time for that time of year. Speaking of that time of year, Christmas and the holidays will be coming up shortly so all of us usually look forward to Black Friday Shopping!

This year we are having our own Black Friday weekend sale! So hope that everyone will be looking out for that. Our Black Friday weekend sale will be 20% off everything off in our online store. Again it will be starting this Friday until this upcoming Sunday night, which is November 24th-26th 2017.

You will be able to take that 20% off site-wide by using a coupon code that we will provide, which is 20OFF ! When you are at the checkout you will see a place to put in a coupon code this is where you will put 20OFF in the field. Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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White Tiger With Flowers Sakura Hanami Biker Patch

white tiger with flowers  Click here to check out the newest white tiger patch now!!  

Good morning everyone, how is everyone doing this beautiful Wednesday? We are doing quite well as we are approaching the holiday season and the end of the week a lot has been starting to pick up. So as time progresses and the holidays get closer we are in the process of getting more and more products in!

I have a very unique and interesting new patch to display for you this morning and it is something that the ladies may enjoy a little more than the men. It is an authentic, very detailed looking white tiger patch that definitely comes across with a don’t mess with me vibe with the expression on this tigers face, everyone watch out! This design absolutely sets that bad-ass tone and gives it the elegant look with the flowers in the background.

So do you like tigers? Or are a fan of the wild and the great outdoors? Then this patch may be something you ladies want to add to your awesome stylist biker collection. I think that most of the women out there would enjoy having this design in their wardrobe because it makes any piece just come alive. It also brings out that tough but feminine look all at the same time so you can not go wrong with this one! Continue reading White Tiger With Flowers Sakura Hanami Biker Patch

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Baby Girl Skull And Crossbones Embroidered Biker Patch

ladies day of the dead skull patch

Click here to check out the latest ladies day of the dead skull patch!! 

Good Tuesday morning everyone, how are all of you doing on this gorgeous day? I am doing well enjoying a cup of coffee and looking at the refreshing weather we are somewhat having. Its mid day for me and I been looking around the office here and came across a lovely new patch! This patch is definitely different and are for the ladies. It is a really cool new skull and crossbones patch that definitely has an unique look! This patch is an edgy one with that feminine and elegant style.

Do you like collecting skulls? Or love anything from the Day of the Dead? Then this patch might be what you want to add to your biker wardrobe. All the ladies out there would enjoy this type of  patch to their collection simply because it will look stylish and look stunning on just about anything. I personally love the fact that this reminds me of Harley Quinn and her bad ass style and charisma.

This patch has a skull-like face and also crossbones behind her that matches in the same color as her hair, which to me, gives this patch edgy characteristics. This patch has very bright blue and pink colors and has lots of extra details. The Day of the Dead skull has a nicely hand painted look to her face from the heart on her cheek to the skeleton like smile it is almost similar to something you would find as a tattoo design.  Continue reading Baby Girl Skull And Crossbones Embroidered Biker Patch