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Daytona Beach 25th Anniversary Biketoberfest 2017!!

daytona biketoberfest 2017

Hey guys how is everyone doing? Just wanted to let you all know about this year’s Biketoberfest 2017 coming up it will be in full swing on October 19th-22nd !!! Not sure if any or all of you are going!! Unfortunately, I myself will not be making it this year I will be out of town and doing something more family related.

But we still want to have a great turnout for Biketoberfest like we do for Bike week so I wanted to give you the details on it and hopefully I will also be able to cross this bike event off my list next year! Don’t forget to get those engines running and get your party on for me! Continue reading Daytona Beach 25th Anniversary Biketoberfest 2017!!

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Loving Eyes Pin Up Ladies Skull Embroidered Biker Patch

pin up ladies skull patch

Click here to check out the latest skull pin up patch today!!! 

 Good Tuesday afternoon everyone, how is it going on this fantastic day? I am more than okay about ready to end the day on a good note. But first I have some new items that I came across that are new this week in the office. One of them is a really cool new skull patch I would love to showcase for you today. This one is definitely unique and can absolutely draw attention to the eye! This patch is a mix of elegance and edgy all at once and contains a real feminine girly look.

So do you enjoy skulls? Or pin ups of any kind? Then this patch might be what you are looking for. To all my ladies out there this patch will fashionably look stunning on anything. I personally love the bold colors and style that this patch gives off and the heart-shaped eyes are pretty cool, edgy vibe to them that gives it the cool girly characteristics. This patch is very bold in colors and has lots of detail. The pin up skull look has pink roses and an almost tattoo style look to her face featuring a heart painted on her cheek as well. It also features a pink ribbon wrapped around her tied up blonde hair.  Continue reading Loving Eyes Pin Up Ladies Skull Embroidered Biker Patch

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Ladies Weekend Sale Going On Now!!!

3 day sale  Hey guys the weekend is here and underway, getting ready to have a fun and exciting one! No work and all fun for sure but anyways so that all of you know this week has been another productive one here at the office and we had lots of newer stuff come in. We are really excited to get all of that going for next week! Right now for the weekend however despite all the new products, we have a sale going on for some new and older patches.

This weekend you will catch a huge deal and we invite you to look and see if there is anything you may enjoy! So this weekend we are featuring a 3 day sale on all ladies patches! Starting today til Sunday night, on October 1, 2017 you can save 15% off anything in this particular category on total purchases!

So yeah if any of my lady bikers are interested this is your weekend! So please take advantage, again 3 days only til the end of 10/1/2017 15% off using the coupon code 15OFF like in the picture above. So if you all are interested in this we will be having these sales more frequently, so check in every Friday and see what will be in store for that upcoming weekend! Happy Shopping Everyone, and happy weekend! See you all next week!

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Ladies She-Wolf No Club With Roses Biker Patch

she wolf no club biker patch

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Good morning everyone! How is everyone doing on this fine day? I know I am doing great getting the day underway with some work and checking things out around the office. Best way to start the day going through all these patches with a cup of coffee! Anyways, I have another great patch for all of you to showcase today. This one is an older yet new patch as you can see above it is another beauty. There is just something about this patch that is very feminine and elegant almost gives me the tribal feel the way the design is put together.

So are you into wolves? Or interesting shape patches with very intricate designs? Then this patch might just be for you! To all my ladies out there this patch will fit all things feminine. I personally love the shape of the patch, the heart-shaped look definitely adds that girly detail. This patch is very vibrant and has lots of detail. The she-wolf has the more tribal look to the eye and the stem and roses adds more to the elegance. It also features the words “No Club-No Rules-Just Ride” in the upper left hand part of the heart and of course the word “She Wolf” towards the bottom. Continue reading Ladies She-Wolf No Club With Roses Biker Patch

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The Latest Funny Sayings Embroidered Biker Patches!!!

i may need men for some things but riding a motorcycle is not one of them

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Good Friday afternoon everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their day, I know that I am. I am writing this quick post because I wanted to showcase a few of our latest new funny saying patches that I have uploaded and all.  So as you can see above this is a funny one that is for most women that love to ride and feel free! This patch is very detailed and has that bright pink color that’s really eye catchy, you will get the best of wearing this patch around ladies!! This patch measures 4 inches wide by 1.5 inches high, It would look really cool on any vest, shirt or miscellaneous item you can think of! Continue reading The Latest Funny Sayings Embroidered Biker Patches!!!