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Lady Rider Yellow Butterfly, Roses Lady Biker Patch

Ladies butterfly biker patch

Check out this beautiful ladies butterfly patch inside now!

It’s time to showcase another great ladies biker patch! This one I added recently and I’m very impressed with it. Not just because of the great details of it but also by the quality and vivid colors.

The bright colors of a lot of patches I carry is hard to appreciate until you’ve actually see them in person. A lot of people think the images I have of patches are just drawings or artwork of the design, but that’s not the case.

Every picture you see of the patches inside this site was taken by me or someone else of the real patch. So the colors are very true and are just as vivid and bright as in the pictures. I may touch them up a bit, but not much.

So I was very happy to see how colorful and bright the colors are of this beautiful ladies butterfly and roses biker patch. The yellow is a deep bright yellow which contrast great with the black background.

At the top in deep purple is the words Lady Rider in nice script font. Then below it is a big yellow butterfly with some purple and green, or aqua colors on it’s body.

Below that are two yellow roses with green stems and leaves. You can get it in a large size which is 9 inches wide by 7.5 inches high, or medium of 4 by 4 inches big. The large size really covers a lot of the back of a ladies jacket or vest.

While the medium size is just right for almost anything you want to put it on. As always you can sew or iron on the patches. It’s a beautiful lady rider butterfly biker patch that looks great all by itself or with other patches.

So if your looking for a large butterfly patch for the main image of the back of your jacket or vest, or a smaller one for the front, backpack, purse or anything else, I’m sure you’ll be happy with this lady rider yellow butterfly and roses biker patch!

Lady rider butterfly biker patch

Check out this beautiful ladies butterfly patch inside now!

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Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016 Shirts Now On Sale Here!

Daytona Beach bike week 2016 tee shirts
Click here to see the men’s bike week tees now!

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I had added Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016 T-shirts to my other biker site I run, Leather Supreme. It occurred to me that I should also add them right in here, since they are related to biker patches as anything biker related is.

So I’m happy to say you now can buy my high quality bike week 2016 men’s and ladies T-shirts right here by clicking the links above or below for men’s or women’s styles.

I use Hanes Beefy-T tees for the men’s shirts. They are the highest quality brand name tees you can find, very thick and soft. Much better fit than all the other no name brands of bike week tees you find everywhere else. In fact I think I’m the only one who uses Beefy-T’s for my biker designs.

As for the ladies I have two styles; Hanes crew neck comfortsoft tees and Nano-T V neck style Hanes shirts. Again quality Hanes brand name tees that are thick and soft with a proper fit. They all hold the designs on securely, much better than thin ones.

As for the bike week 2016 designs themselves they are very colorful and detailed, most with “Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016 75th anniversary” text on them. So you get a collectors item as well, since 75th anniversary is a big deal.

I put the designs on myself, making sure they are on good; they will not wash or peel off. I’m working on new generic biker designs too I will add sometime.

So while your grabbing a patch in here check out the men’s and ladies 75th annual Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016 t shirts. I’ll have them for sale all year as I get people who buy them right up until Christmas. I hope to see you at bike week this year! 🙂

Daytona Beach bike week 2016 tee shirts
Click here to see the ladies bike week tees now!

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Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016 Biker Patch

bike week 2016 biker patch

Living in Orlando, Florida I go to the Daytona Beach bike week each year. It’s one of the biggest biker events in the US and last a full week. This year is special because it’s the 75th anniversary of Daytona bike week!

So most bikers who love the event will want to get a patch or something to keep to remember it with. I ran out of time this year to get much for it, but I do have a cool looking bike week 2016 biker patch.

It’s a twist on a biker life skeleton guy patch I have. In the center is a white-grey skeleton biker dude with skull wrapped in a red bandanna. At the top it says DAYTONA, then at the bottom is 75th bike week 2016.

He’s surrounded by the 8 ball, ace of spades and a pair of dice roped around with a motorcycle chain. It’s got great red highlight details with a black background. It’s just an all around nice looking biker life patch any biker would look good wearing.

It measures 2.75 inches wide by 3.5 inches high. Perfect for almost anywhere you want to put it; can be sewn or ironed on. Good quality too, as all my patches are of course!

So if you want something to remember bike week this year, get this 75th annual Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016 biker life motorcycle patch by clicking the picture above. Hope to see you there!

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New Look For The Biker Patch Site

Quality biker patches

Happy Valentine’s day! 🙂 Hope most of you are getting cozy with your partner, hope you did not forget the special day! Myself I’m working on my site, as usual. I’m still learning the ropes with the new system I have here.

When I first opened this site I only had PayPal for a merchant account. Then I figured out how to get and install a SSL certificate, which is what you get to have secure payment pages. That way I could have a real credit card merchant processor right on my own site here.

Many people these days are leery of who gets to see their credit card info, and rightly so. It makes customers feel safer when they checkout right on the same site they are on, not redirected to a different site for checkout.

So I made the whole site secure, every page. However that leads to some glitches, like the browser warning you that the page has mixed content if I don’t set it up right. You only need secure pages on the “my account” and checkout pages where you put in your information.

So I reconfigured my site here so that it is now a “normal” site with only those two pages I mentioned above being secure. If you look at your browser url bar right now you will see no padlock icon and the site starts with http.

But if you click on the “my account” link or put something in the cart and hit the “checkout” link, you will see there now is a padlock icon in the left side browser url bar and the site starts with https.

If you don’t have anything in the cart clicking the checkout link just takes you to the cart page, so you have to have something in your cart to see the changes.

That is how you know your on a secure checkout page, by seeing the padlock icon (normally green) in the left browser url bar and the site starting with https, NOT http. If you don’t see that on any site on the page your putting in your billing info, don’t do it!

So now my site works better, even put up a new biker patch logo as you can see in the top left of the site. I think it looks better than just text, great looking patch I used too huh!

You stay right on my site here when you checkout, unless you choose the PayPal option I have under the normal checkout button. So you can feel safe that your information is secure on a SSL encrypted connection.

I keep adding new patches each week, hope you like the newest ones I got, which you can see on the home page down toward the bottom. I’ve got some great new patches I’ll be adding very soon. Again happy Valentine’s day, don’t forget the little lady! 🙂

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75th Annual Daytona Beach 2016 Bike Week Tee Shirts

Daytona Beach bike week 2016 tee shirts
Click here to see the men’s bike week tees now!

If you keep track of motorcycle events, you know that the 75th annual Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016 is coming up in March! I run another site that is a biker jacket and apparel store called Leather Supreme. In there I just listed all my new men’s and ladies bike week 2016 shirts.

There is a good selection of designs, around two dozen. I even have four different rebel confederate flag bike week designs. You can’t sell those on Amazon or eBay anymore so they can be hard to find.

For the men’s tees I use Hanes Beefy-T t shirts. They are thicker and fit better than other cheap bike week shirts. In fact I don’t know of anyone else who uses Beefy-T’s. Cost more but you get more and better quality.

Daytona Beach bike week 2016 tee shirts
Click here to see the ladies bike week tees now!

For the ladies tees I use two styles; Hanes comfortsoft crew neck tees and Hanes Nano-T V neck tees. Again they cost a bit more but they are higher quality than the no name brands. The designs hold onto the thicker fabric too so they last longer.

Speaking of the designs I have tested them all and they are fantastic. Nice and bright colors, nice feel and they will not peel or wash off. Should last a long time, especially on the quality shirts I have.

Finally I also have some cool men’s black denim sleeveless bike week 2016 biker shirts. Button up front, two button chest pockets, snap down collar and cut off sleeves with the classic frayed ends. Made by AllState leather so you know they are high quality and the size is right.

I have them with all my men’s designs I have. So if you want a bike week shirt be sure to check out my men’s and ladies 75th annual Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016 T shirts and denim shirt designs today! 🙂

Daytona Beach bike week 2016 tee shirts
Click here to see the men’s bike week denim shirts now!