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Patriotic In Memory of Our Fallen Brothers Patch


Fallen brothers

Check out this Fallen Brothers Remembrance Patch Today!!!

Are you interested in patriotic military remembrance patches? Or are you a Veteran? If you are, then you should check out this new In Memory of Our Fallen Brothers patch! Its characteristics are quite bold and loaded with detail. It shows a soldier bowing down to a fellow fallen brother, which is stunning for all of our veterans out there. It displays such patriotic heroism in supporting our troops. This design would be shown off proudly on any biker gear and will last for years.

So if you want to show off you support to our nation then you will definitely enjoy displaying this and wearing it around. This particular patch comes in two different sizes. The large one is 11.5  inches wide by 13.25 inches high. Which is definitely best for the back of any biker jacket. The medium one is 5 inches wide by 5.5 inches high. This smaller patch can be used for just about anything. I think it would look great on a duffel bag or backpack, or any tote-able gear. But, the choice is up to you!!!

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Sniper Skull Invisible Souls Military Patch

sniper skull patriotic patch

Check out this sniper skull military patch today!!

Hey guys just wanted to stop in and showcase another authentic biker patch for you. It is a cool military sniper patch for all the vets out there or for all the young who love to play your shooting games. It is an embroidered skull with a camouflage helmet who has two crossed rifles with the saying ” Invisible souls leave .308 holes,”one shot, one kill.” Also has some detailed dog tags for our beloved fallen.

If you are into all things military or served this wonderful country you will enjoy wearing this patch around. The patch comes in two sizes. The large size comes in 10 inches wide by 12.5 inches high. This would be best for the back of any jacket or vest for men. Also, we have a  medium size which comes in 4.75 inches wide by 6 inches high which would look great on any miscellaneous item from bags to the front of any shirt.

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Just Listed New Biker Chain Bracelets for Men and Women!

motorcycle bracelet jewelry

Hello guys this is biker babe, I am the new writer here for Quality Biker Patches. I wanted to tell you about the new motorcycle bracelets we got in this week. We have all different types for everyone who is into jewelry and being trendy while they ride!! They are quite gorgeous and is definitely pretty catchy for the new year, so you should add them to your collection!!!

These biker bracelets are all stainless steel and made out of the best grade of steel which is 316 L. These types of steel are actually the same as in any type of surgical or medical equipment, they also are very hypoallergenic. So there is no need to worry if you had any allergy to any jewelry in the past!!! They definitely will not rust or turn color.

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Native American Indian Chief Headdress Embroidered Patch

Indian Chief Headdress Patch

Check out this gorgeous Native American Indian Chief Headdress Now!!

Today I wanted to talk about this new patch that I just got in. It is a beautiful Native American Indian Chief wearing a full headdress. It is a manly looking Indian chief with red war paint on his cheek. He is wearing a colorful full headdress of white, orange, and red feathers with blue feathers hanging below. Across his forehead there is a beautiful classic Indian design headband with a dream-catcher.

If you are a fan of Native American art and history you will love this colorful Indian embroidered patch. I have a beautiful Native American top rocker patch that would perfectly match this patch. This is a brand new design that just came out and is not available anywhere else at this time!

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End Of The Trail Native Indian Feathers Embroidered Patch

Native Indian patch

See this classic native Indian patch here!

Native Indian patches are a popular choice for millions of bikers. Featuring lively colors, and meaningful symbols, these accessories can turn any jacket or shirt into a piece of art. With so many models available, it’s easy to find one that reflects your style.

The classic End Of The Trail patch is one of my favorites. It can be worn by both men and women, and has beautiful colors that blend together perfectly. This model depicts a tired Indian on a horse. Behind him, you can see the sunset on a gorgeous background. The predominant colors are yellow, orange, and black.

This one-of-a-kind Native American Indian patch has a round shape, with two blue and white feathers in the left side. The horse stands on piece of land in the middle of the prairie, or a dune in the dessert. It’s hard to tell because the characters are drawn in shades of black, but it looks simply beautiful. This colorful Western patch will take your breathe away.
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