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Fun at Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017 Picture Gallery!!!

Bike Week 2017


Hey its Biker Babe here!!! How is everyone doing? Wow been awhile it seems since I been on here to write a new post. We have all been busy with Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017!!! Hope everyone had a blast and was able to enjoy all the festivities and your new biker gear.

Speaking of the new biker gear I know it was definitely a different climate this year than usual. Thankfully we have all survived!! So not as much craziness there with the outfits and so forth. I know it was too cold for me with a bone chilling temperature of only 50 degrees!!! So I am so sorry guys no cute outfit to report, the one i was telling you all about in my previous post.

Despite the cold and not being able to show off my new bike week outfit however I still rocked a Daytona Bike Week 2017 sweatshirt jacket and some really cool jeans!!! Hey nothing better than walking around in the chilly air comfortable and still in style, right? Continue reading Fun at Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017 Picture Gallery!!!

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Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017 Going on now News!!!

Main Street at Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017


Hey guys bike week is in full swing!!! Not sure if all of you have gone or are going or are already there. If so, I hope you all are having a blast and we can all have a party!!! Can’t wait to hear all about the things that are going on through Daytona and also hearing those engines rev!!!

I will be there this upcoming Wednesday and the anxiousness is killing me. I will be sporting that new outfit up and down Mainstreet and in all of those popular areas. I will also be taking lots of pictures to go along with a new “first” trip for my personal memories. Love to put this one in the books , and hey maybe I will run into some of you there sporting around one of our bike week tee shirts!!! Continue reading Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017 Going on now News!!!

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Patriotic Sniper Skull with Cross Rifles Biker Patch

Patriotic Sniper patch Check out the the latest Patriotic Sniper Skull Patch Today!!!

I am happy to bring to you today another awesome new patch here at Quality Biker Patches. Are you in the military? Thought about it? Or just simply want to support the troops? Well I have something worth while for you. This Patriotic Sniper Skull Patch is definitely full of detail and is very unique as a design.

The American Flag is beautiful the way it is in-cooperated into the design. It looks to me that it could actually be wings. I also love the camouflage detail in this patch and how the word Sniper is put over it above the skull. The cross rifles over the whole patch is also an awesome detail. I definitely think it brings it out more and ties it all together. So if you are really interested in this patch I think you should really check it out!!! Continue reading Patriotic Sniper Skull with Cross Rifles Biker Patch

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New Biker Patches Added, Upcoming Bike Week News!

Fight like a marine

Check out this latest ladies Save the Boobies Patch!!!

Hey Everyone its Biker Babe here, Happy Friday!!! Thank god its Friday, its been a long week here at the office. Time to kick of the weekend on a good note and wrap up the week. Just wanted to give you all a shout out and remind everyone about the new patches that I have updated and added on the site this past week.

As you can see, I have added a bunch of new designs that I hope everyone enjoys and will possibly add them to your own personal collections. There are plenty different ones to choose from and something you will find for everyone. Anything from skulls, military, patriotic and silly sayings.

I posted one of my favorites above. Its a little something for the ladies, totally feminine. Save the Boobies, Fight like a Marine! Love it! Shows the strength in all women who fight breast cancer and everyone who supports it. Never Give Up Ladies!!! Breast Cancer Awareness totally an uplifting patch, fabulous in this pink color and loads of detail.  Continue reading New Biker Patches Added, Upcoming Bike Week News!

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Grim Reaper Sands Of Time Skull Biker Patch

Grim Reaper Skull

Check out this new Grim Reaper Sands of Time Skull Biker Patch today!!!

It is that time to showcase another amazing patch we have!!! Are you a fan of the Grim Reaper? Or skulls? Well I have the patch that is right for you!! This patch is all about the countdown to death, it features the Grim Reaper holding a skull sands of time hour glass. I know most bikers out there are into these types of designs displaying skulls or simply a fan of the Grim Reaper. So if you are interested in this specific patch you should absolutely check it out!!!

This patch is very vibrant in the colors of red and gray you definitely won’t miss getting noticed with this cool design. The details are amazing throughout this patch. You can see everything down to the smallest details from the skull to the hourglass and even the scythe. You can’t go wrong with this unique design it is definitely very eye catchy!

 Do you like what you see? Do you want to add this awesome patch to your collection? Do you want to show it off and feel cool wearing this around? Then I think you will be very satisfied with it and get the most out of this embroidered patch!!! Continue reading Grim Reaper Sands Of Time Skull Biker Patch