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See No Evil Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil Skull Mummy Patch

see no evil hear no evil speak no evil patch

Check out the new see no evil mummy patch today!!! 

Hello everyone happy hump day almost getting to the end of the week. I am getting more and more anxious for this upcoming week vacation so I am writing tons of new post for you all in an advance to keep you entertained while I am gone. I hope all of my viewers enjoy and see something you all like. So I would love to bring another great stunning patch to your attention.

As you can see above this unique patch has a popular saying to it. I am sure most of you out there have heard of “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.” I think that all of us in one shape or form go by this too!!! I believe the less I do the less harm is done to me, kind of like a karma saying. So if you are into this specific motto or into mummies or some sort of skulls then this patch is definitely for you.  Continue reading See No Evil Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil Skull Mummy Patch

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Patriotic Subdued Grey American Western Sheriff Patch

patriotic western sheriff patch

Click here to see our new Patriotic Western sheriff patch today!!!

Hey everyone it is not always that I get an incredible new biker patch that you hardly see to signify western hospitality, but today I have one I wanted to showcase for you, as you can see above it is a Patriotic Western Sheriff that don’t tolerate much!!! This design is very authentic and has a lot of characteristics to him!!!

This patch has many details from the sheriff’s hat with star to the bandanna symbolizing the red, white and blue for our country that he is wearing around his face. Behind the bandanna it gives mystery to the face that we can’t really see and eyes that can tell different stories. All wrapped up in this subdued grey color gives it that extra in depth attributes to this patch.   Continue reading Patriotic Subdued Grey American Western Sheriff Patch

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Patriotic American Flag Skull Embroidered Biker Patch

patriotic american flag skull patch

Check out the latest Patriotic American Flag Skull now!!!

When is the last time you have seen a really cool, unique patriotic biker patch??? This patch shown here is one of our latest ones that we are displaying on our website. It features a really interesting bad-ass skull with the American Flag stars and stripes design across his face. It definitely gives you the cool biker fashion vibe to sport around our American pride.

The gorgeous Patriotic skull comes in two different sizes. The small patch measures 2.75 inches wide by 4.25 inches high. The other patch we have is the large size. This patch measures 7.25 inches wide by 10.75 inches high. Definitely both size patches show tons of detail and you can either sew or iron on these patches, it is totally up to you!!! Continue reading Patriotic American Flag Skull Embroidered Biker Patch

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Skull and Spade with Flames Lucky 7 Biker Patch

lucky 7 skull and spade patch

Check out the newest skull and spade lucky 7 patch today!!!

Good afternoon everyone!! How is everyone’s Tuesday going ?? Mine is going exceptionally well for the most part, I got a few more days til my vacation!!! Definitely excited for, but for the meantime I am working away and getting more stuff done before this upcoming weeks activities!!! Anyways, we have another great unique patch to showcase for you today, as you can see above I have a very interesting skull and spade patch with lots of details.

So are you interested in skulls? Or spades? Or simply enjoy the gambling and casino life? Feeling lucky??? Well I definitely got something that is right for you. Can you see yourself showing off one of your favorite hobbies? Or sporting around a really cool bad ass patch? Continue reading Skull and Spade with Flames Lucky 7 Biker Patch

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Newest Thin Blue Line Police Law Enforcement Embroidered Patches!!!

These Colors Don't Run Thin Blue Line Patch Check out this new thin blue line American Flag patch today!!! 

Hey everyone hope everyone is enjoying their lovely day, I am here working on a lot of things around the office unfortunately not such nice weather out here today. So I am gathering up a bunch of new items and I see we have a lot of new patches around that I want to showcase for you!!! These are very appealing and nice, they are basically supporting our law enforcement and police departments!!!

I know I am very interested in supporting my local police in keeping the bad off the streets. How about you?? We all should be wanting a peaceful community and that is what these are about. Without the police what would these streets be without them? I wouldn’t want to know!!! Continue reading Newest Thin Blue Line Police Law Enforcement Embroidered Patches!!!