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Back From Fall Vacation Picture Gallery !!

fall pumpkins 2017

Good morning everyone how is everyone doing today? Hope everyone had a great Halloween and a splendid October, can not believe we are in November now! Crazy how time flies, speaking about that, we are so happy to be back and start our holiday season off shortly. Both myself and Bill were away the latter part of October and we wanted to share our adventures briefly with all of you!

My adventure started off a couple weeks ago, I went up to Boston which I think I had mentioned I was going to do in a previous post. Took the little one up and we had a blast. Nothing like fall up north, the cooler air and the fall foliage! I couldn’t complain to have the beautiful weather this time of year and it was great to see the trees still had their colorful leaves. Always nice to experience that since around this time of year they are usually gone!

We had some family fun at a family themed park called Edaville, which is filled with rides and trains and a lot of fall activities for the kids, even early trick or treating. We also went to Downtown Boston which definitely brings a lot of energy whenever you visit, people dancing in the streets and performances, and restaurants and shops, never a dull moment. Unfortunately, no sports events this time. We didn’t get to go to Gillette to see my Patriots, it was a sold out game and the Red Sox are done for the season, so hoping this will be something I can experience with my daughter next year!

On the other hand, Bill’s adventure was different, he goes up to Vermont a couple times a year to see his family and he had a couple good days up there doing enjoyable stuff. Sadly, for him he had colder weather since he was closer to the mountains. He still went to the mountains and walked around, saw some fall foliage and awesome sights. He took a lot of pictures so I made a picture gallery for everyone to enjoy at the bottom of the page. If you click on any of them to make them bigger you will have to hit the back button on the top of the page to see the previous pictures in the gallery, I hope all of you like these. Happy Viewing!!! 🙂